Your grant has been funded. Now what?

Below is a summary highlighting key roles and responsibilities.

Role of the Principal Investigator/Project Director

The Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project, including:

  • Carrying out the work as stated in the original proposal and ensuring that the project stays within the scope and objectives
  • Reviewing and complying with the grant’s terms and conditions
  • Complying with all applicable Middlebury, federal, and/or sponsor regulations
  • Reviewing and following Middlebury’s policies, including, but not limited to export controls, regulations regarding animals and human subjects, responsible conduct of research, procurement, and travel policies
  • Following Middlebury’s procedures for hiring students and employees
  • Ensuring that all items charged to the grant are allowable, allocable to the grant, reasonable, and consistent
  • Monitoring expenses and ensuring project remains on budget
  • Notifying appropriate OGSP personnel about any impending changes to the terms of the grant that may require OGSP staff facilitating sponsor approval
  • Submitting all required narrative and technical reports to the sponsor on time
  • Working with Finance to confirm any financial information included in a report
  • Working with OGSP to request no-cost extensions well in advance of the grant termination date

Role of the Finance Office

The Finance Office is responsible for the overall financial administration of all grants to Middlebury. The office follows standard accounting practices and adheres strictly to all Middlebury policies, federal regulations, and other sponsor regulations. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Setting up all grants in the accounting system and assigning Fund/Index numbers
  • Preparing all financial grant reports
  • Requesting reimbursement from sponsors for grant-funded expenses
  • Authorizing changes to approved budgets or other grant terms (as allowed by sponsor policy) This includes updating grant budgets in Oracle and updating termination dates upon approval of no-cost extensions
  • Making adjustments to the general ledger when the PI/PD and/or other project personnel identify items charged incorrectly
  • Administering Middlebury’s time and effort certification process
  • Officially closing out grants at termination
  • Managing all audits and financial reviews

Role of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs staff

  • Interpreting and explaining sponsor and Middlebury policies, terms, and conditions
  • Writing and negotiating outgoing subaward agreements and MOU’s that must be issued by Middlebury
  • Managing data and coordinating publicity for grants
  • Facilitating no-cost extension requests
  • Communicating with the sponsor on behalf of the PI/PD about changes to the terms of the grant and other issues
  • Creating and managing accounts in federal and other sponsors’ electronic research administration systems
  • Coordinating requests for supplemental funding