Leadership Team

Recent Accomplishments:

  • The integration of IT services of MIIS and Middlebury as a step in the evolution of ITS as an “anchor” for all of Middlebury.  There has been a notable increase in collaboration and coordination. workgroup meetings now include IT staff of MIIS and Middlebury.  Revised reporting structures have been implemented with unified focus on strategic objectives and leadership activity.

  • Building on opportunities for staff professional development, ITS has held departmental education sessions for coping with a fast paced work environment and with project management.

  • A new project and portfolio management framework has been developed with uniform processes, artifacts and tools for standardization and increased visibility of projects across ITS work groups.

  • A new direction and charter developed for the ITS managers’ team with reported improved communication and coordination efforts related to prioritization, resource utilization and scheduling conflicts, and with ties back to ITS strategic vision and values.

  • Development of questions and process for an outreach campaign designed to enhance strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and better inform planning processes.

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Continue to formalize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow for objective ITS measurement.

  • Engage with partners and customers in our outreach campaign, to inform the development of the FY17 priorities and budget.

  • Support the efforts of the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium – execute on the 6 identified research initiatives for collaboration.

  • Continue to advocate for ITS culture change, in particular the comprehensive adoption by all of ITS of our articulated values, mission and vision.

  • Advance IT governance initiatives to facilitate strategic planning, priority setting, resource allocation and service alignment.

  • Plan for and conduct an externally facilitated services and operational review.

User Services

Helpdesk - Call Center and Walkin

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Of the 10,351 tickets opened from 4/01/15 to 10/29/15, 2529 (25.4%) were closed by Call Center or walk-in. Of those, 1494 (59%) were closed on first contact.
  • We continue to work on documenting best practices for ticket creation and esculation of specific service request types. Three more service request types best practicies were documented in this period.
  • Training and hiring of new student consultants this Fall required replacing 33% of the student workforce with first years, and is 75% complete.

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Continue with documenting best practices for ticket creation/esculation procedures. Complete 8-12 best practice service request document before 05/30/16.
  • Complete Windows 10 training.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the new student training module.    

Helpdesk - Service Requests

Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2346 Tickets Completed
  • All requests for academic software installs and upgrades were completed for the summer and fall term semester startups
  • Upgraded 128 staff distributions and 81 faculty distributions
  • The setup and breakdown of the summer sessions have been successful.  Service Requests configured and installed software and 115 computers and 24 Printers  for 8 language programs plus the School of the Environment. In addition, we installed 80 computers and 5 printers at the Breadloaf campus for the summer programs there, including the Young Writers Conference, Orion Conference, New Translation conference, School of English, and Writers Conference.
  • Partnered with Academic Technology to offer tech training in Language School faculty orientations.  Participated in 11 sessions, reaching 106 faculty.
  • Developed Key Performance Indicators
  • Worked with CSNS to implement Single Sign-on for Google Apps
  • Worked with CSNS on the retirement of the Bombay print server and assisting users with adding their printers from the Walnut server
  • Moved software to a new license server with the assistance of CSNS.  This process includes contacting vendors for new license keys, testing and packaging new versions of the software and making them available to the campus users who use the software.
  • Worked with the C2 consultants on improvements to our VDI environment
  • Participated in the Office 365 Portal Project which provided the access to Office installers to Students at the Middlebury campus
  • Participated in the PCI compliance team moving POS stations into the secure enclave

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Software Self-Service options for college windows computers
  • Windows 10 testing and planning for campus deployments
  • Continue with the MS Office and the 365 portal implementation
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure improvements for Kiosk/walk up machines and for Virtual access to services and software
  • Improvements to our Software information websites
  • Develop a plan to improve our loaner laptop system
  • Preparation for the FY16 staff distributions
  • Preparation for the Winter Term and Spring term classroom software needs
  • Communicating with the summer programs for pre-summer preparation
  • Continue work with PCI compliance team
  • Complete the Wireless project with CSNS

Media Services

Recent Accomplishments

466 Events supported   
101 Recordings supported           
182 Screenings supported           
138 Video conferences supported              
28 Projects completed

  • Upgraded satellite TV infrastructure in eleven buildings to HD.
  • Supported the Board of Trustee meetings.
  • Redesigned Library 105 into a state of the art divisible video conferencing classroom.
  • Upgraded the media equipment ten smart classrooms.
  • Upgraded Commencement streaming/overflow platform to HD along with new, reinforced fiber, increasing reliability.
  • Streamed and recorded Commencement.
  • Supported Reunion and Bread Loaf programs: Young Writers Conference, Orion Environmental Conference and the Translators’ conference.
  • Supported Foodworks, Language Schools, Bread Loaf School of English.
  • Helped organize the Language School’s Centennial Celebration. Provided audio, video support, as well as recording, streaming and videoconferencing support.
  • Supported the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.
  • Deployed a new Digital Cinema Projector in Sunderland Dana.
  • Supported Middlebury’s New Filmmakers Festival.
  • Collaborated on the design and renovation of the Wilson Media Lab. Managed the audio/video portion of the project.
  • Upgraded the media equipment in six classrooms in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, as well as the Wright Seminar room and MCC Restroom.
  • Provided media support for Alumni College, and MiddView.
  • Provided media support, video recording and streaming for the Clifford Symposium and Board of Trustee meetings.
  • Supported the IPEC symposium.
  • Supported Fall family weekend, Homecoming.
  • Provided audio/video support, recording and streaming for the Inauguration of President Patton.
  • Provided audio/video support, recording and streaming for the 50th Anniversary of the Environmental Studies Program.
  • Ongoing support for two online classes and a hybrid class.
  • Upgraded the sound systems in the Natatorium and Ross Dining Hall.
  • Upgraded the media equipment in Sunderland ILC1, ILC2 and 202.

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Develop budget for FY17
  • Upgrade the media equipment in 14 classrooms.
  • Deploy a secure and reliable video streaming solution.
  • Provide media support for high profile events: the International & Global Studies Colloquium, CSE Symposium, Board of Trustee meetings, February Orientation, Spring Student Symposium.

Telephone and Printing Services

Recent accomplishments:

  • Moved lightly-used public classroom printer to Proctor Hall to better serve student needs.
  • Replaced 26 Canon copiers and HP printers with Kyocera machines at reduced lease rates from Symquest/Kyocera for GMHEC members.
  • Upgraded voice mail hardware to meet server standards and software to add more robust scheduling capabilities.
  • Working with carriers and CSNS staff moved and consolidated Voter Hall telecom equipment with network equipment freeing up office space in Voter.
  • As cost and usage of voice services decreased, discontinued telephone billing and TAC assignments relieving department of these administrative tasks.
  • Developed KPIs for telephone services and began tracking.
  • Transitioned 24/7 operator services to business hours only by configuring scheduled voice mail greetings.
  • Successfully supported 649 telephone line moves for faculty transitions, Bread Loaf Inn, Language Schools, and staff office moves from April 1 – September 30, 2015

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Complete project to remove unused courtesy telephone
  • Research and report on more cost-effective alternatives for a telephone system upgrade
  • Research and provide budgetary options for E911 on-site notification services to replace current end-of-life system.

Security & Infrastructure

Information Security

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Introduced improved security protections to PCI-related systems for College Advancement, Retail Food Operations and the College Bookstore
  • Enabled additional security protections for Middlebury’s email systems to help reduce the number of SPAM and Phishing emails received by Middlebury community members
  • Enhanced security monitoring capabilities to help identify suspect account logon activity
  • Conducted security awareness education sessions for new Middlebury College employees
  • Updated College Handbook policies to improve information security incident detection capabilities and response times
  • Published the “PCI Written Information Security Policy” in the College Handbook to support Middlebury’s PCI-compliance initiative

 3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Complete phase two of Middlebury’s PCI-compliance initiative to help ensure that all payment card processing applications and systems meet or exceed industry-standard security requirements
  • Introduce enhanced access controls for Middlebury user accounts
  • Continue to improve security monitoring capabilities to help detect and reduce user account abuse
  • Continue to improve ITS change management processes to help reduce the risk of unplanned outages for critical systems and services
  • Continue to improve and expand security awareness education offerings for all Middlebury community members

Central Systems & Network Services

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Built a secure enclave for PCI systems and services
  • Incorporated De-duplication in backups to save space for backup to disk
  • Replaced NIS environment with Centrify, which allows authentication against Active Directory on any computer that requires a login, including Linux servers as well as classroom and lab workstations
  • Relocated one of our two ISP circuits and upgraded the bandwidth to 1G
  • Enabled Single Sign-On for existing Middlebury Google Apps accounts
  • Deployed Microsoft Office 365 for students, using the Single Sign-On service

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Move the remaining legacy PCI systems and services into the secure PCI enclave
  • Implement a new guest account system for guest wireless access
  • Upgrade DNS and DHCP services for the Middlebury and Monterey campuses
  • Continue to develop expertise in our log analysis application
  • Sync all user accounts with the Middlebury Google Apps environment
  • Expand the Middlebury Office 365 environment to include all user accounts and more services
  • Deploy Single Sign-On for more hosted services

Enterprise Applications

Administrative Systems

Recent Accomplishments

  • Completed Nolij Scan/Store/Retrieve in HR and Public Safety
  • Completed development of Project Management standards for ITS
  • Completing integration of Salesforce CRM application and payment data for MIIS, Language Schools and School of Environment
  • Upgraded Hyperion EPM 11 reporting to latest version, rolled out Internet Explorer 11 to campus with help of User Services and CSNS.
  • Completed intensive internal project to redistribute workload after loss of one position to ensure continued support of critical systems
  • Backup matrix completed and documentation created for all critical systems and processes covered by Administrative systems

3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Continuing to support the implementation of the Salesforce CRM
  • Building out capabilities of Content 7 and converting Nolij customers to Content 7
  • Supporting the implementation of data governance standards, policies and tools
  • Complete upgrade to the next version of Oracle database, Oracle 12c
  • Support implementation of new Judicial system
  • Support implementation of new Housing system
  • Provide support and coordination to CSNS to complete streaming app project for legacy applications

Web Technologies and Services

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Completed deployment of Library Items Drupal Site.
  • Completed hiring of another Software Engineer Position.
  • Completed new workflow process Kanban for work items – Tool is Kanbanize.
  • Working tightly with the Communications team rolled out new Responsive Design Sustainability website.
  • Deployed Monster Menus module upgrade versions 7.x-1.21 & 7.x-1.22.
  • Kibana report migration.

  3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Continued work on making the websites adhere even more to Accessibility standards.
  • Chef tool training and implementation of Server Cookbooks and Recipes.
  • Roll out the Google Tag Manager to the remaining services.
  • Acquia Performance and Security Audits completed
  • Upgrade of PHP and server configurations based also on Acquia Audits.
  • Implement Chef  Web server configuration tool.
  • Support and Working with Communications team on Website redesign project, MiddNews workflow and the MIIS viewbook and branding efforts.
  • Support CRM implementation for MIIS.
  • Support Omeka rollout in support of DLA initiatives.
  • Support Canvas LMS Prototype.


Recent Accomplishments:

  • Network Upgrades – Replaced 50% of the network switches on campus (core replaced last year) to new Juniper models.  Upgraded much of the fiber backbone to new single-mode to allow higher speeds over long distances.   Port speeds are now 10x faster than before.  Wiring in McCone, Samson and Kinnoull upgraded.
  • Firewall Upgrades – New Palo Alto firewalls installed.  This provides enhanced security and remote management from Middlebury CSNS, allowing for further integration of campus network services.
  • Computer Distribution – 125 computers were distributed, including the replacement of all patron facing computers in the library, the Digital Learning Center, and the PAC computer lab.  This continues efforts to maintain a working computer life-cycle program on the Monterey campus.
  • Help Desk – 955 service tickets closed since initial use of the Web Help Desk system at MIIS in January 2015.   Smaller service requests were not logged at that time.  

  3-6 Month Priorities:

  • Wireless Network Upgrade - Our current wireless controllers will be replaced to achieve greater speed, reliability and integration with Middlebury wireless. High usage classrooms and venues will begin to receive new access points for greater coverage. 
  • Interpretation Lab Upgrade – Replace outdated equipment in Simul3 interpretation lab with new Taiden interpretation equipment.  Provides reliability for GSTILE interpretation classes. 
  • Power Standby Generator – Install power standby generator for McCone server room and network core. Will provide enhanced network reliability to campus during prolonged power outages.
  • Copier Fleet Replacement – Our copier fleet will be replaced under a new lease agreement.  Looking to eliminate old analog fax lines embedded in the current copier fleet.  Will reduce operating expenses for analog telephone circuits, and provide reliable copying and printing services for entire campus.
  • Internet Circuit Upgrade – Upgrade our current 100MB circuit to a maximum of 600MB at a cost less than we are paying now.  This upgrade is necessary due to the increased demand on our network for high-definition video conferencing and other academic initiatives.  

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753