FY22Q1 Update

Vijay Menta

Dear Colleagues,​​

I am pleased to provide our first quarterly report of accomplishments for FY 22.  In the spirit of transparency and our openness to receiving your feedback, I encourage you to provide feedback on our accomplishments.  The ITS team of professionals partnering with many of you have delivered and continues to work hard despite the extra ordinary circumstances we have navigated for the past 20 months and continue to do so.  Stay tuned, as our goal is to continue improve the quarterly accomplishments report and eventually deliver this report on our website and make it available 24/7 so that you can review the status of any major projects in your area.  I am deeply appreciative of your partnership with ITS and I am looking forward to our continued collaboration.​


Vijay Menta (he/him)​
Vice President and Chief Information Officer​
Information Technology Services

FY22Q1: Select List of Projects Completed

  • Opened the new Munras Residential Life Building in collaboration with facilities completing installation and setup of all technology and hardware needing to meet Certificate of Occupancy requirements, including new networking and WiFi capabilities as well as integration with the new pin code dorm room locks. ​

  • Implemented new residential life software, Adirondack Solutions Housing Director, replacing StarRez as a housing solution.​

  • Renovated the 2nd Floor of Voter Hall to convert dorm rooms to offices including new network design, installing new video conferencing capabilities, and ensuring WiFi and printing needs were met.​

  • Expanded technology capabilities to support new housing hotel spaces, including the rooms utilized at Bread Loaf and Inn on the Green this year as students returned to campus.​

  • Completed Covid Vaccine Verification project in collaboration with Health Services, HR and Dean of Students, allowing students, faculty, and staff to upload their vaccination requirements to meet our Fall 2021 return to campus safety requirements.​

  • Completed our final steps in the Hyperion to Power BI Report Conversion project, ensuring Banner reporting needs across campus are met with the new GMHEC Power BI Tenant.​​

  • Completed the development of a viable architectural and budgetary plan for upgrading the Monterey SL2 interpretation lab, and an architectural plan for future development of both the SL1 interpretation lab and an interpretation training and lounge space.​

  • The printer consolidation project allowed ITS to standardize the printing service across campus while reducing cost and building a more modern printing solution.​

  • Implemented Azure virtual desktop, which allows ITS to deliver virtual machines from the cloud in order to provide flexible remote access to Middlebury resources.​

Introduction to Project and Request Data

The following metrics summarize and illustrate an overview of the number of projects and requests that ITS has delivered in Q1 as well as what we are currently working for each functional area. Hovering over the pie charts will display individual request and project numbers we are working on for each business area. Please note that ongoing production support effort is tracked in our ticketing system and therefore that work effort is not reflected in the accompanying pie charts.  ​

Our goal is to publish these metrics on our website in an interactive fashion, so that you can further drill down into the pie charts and review the accompanying project details.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to initiate a new project or consultative request with ITS please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk@middlebury.edu.  

What is a Request?

A request is any nonoperational technology need that requires business analysis, consultation, or solutioning. A request that required business process improvement and alignment with current technologies will often be closed once a solution has been successfully implemented. However, if a request requires more effort across several teams, requires a new technology implementation, and/or requires budget dollars, it will move on to become an ITS project. ​

What is a Project?

A project is an evolutionary phase of a request once a solution has been decided upon, a vendor has been selected, if needed, a budget has been approved, and technology resources have been identified. Projects will be closed once the solution has been fully implemented and ITS resources are no longer engaged.

FY22Q1: Projects and Requests by the Numbers

23 New Requests Opened
19 Completed Projects
14 Completed Analysis/Evaluation Requests
33 Total Projects/Requests Closed in FY22

Sponsorship Tags for the Pie Charts that Follow

Functional Areas (SLG Member)​
Provost (Jeff Cason)​
Admissions (Nicole Curvin)​
Academic Affairs MIIS (Jeffrey Dayton Johnson)
Academic Affairs MIDD (Sujata Moorti)​
Academic Affairs Language Schools (Stephen Snyder)​
Student (Smita Ruzicka)​
Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (Miguel Fernandez)​
Advancement (Colleen Fitzpatrick)​
Communications (David Gibson)​
ITS (Vijay Menta)​
Finance and Operations (David Provost)​
Human Resources (Caitlin Goss)​
Chief Risk Officer (Mike Thomas)​
Schools Abroad (Carlos Velez)​
Office of General Counsel (Hannah Ross)​
Office of the President (Laurie Patton/Sue Ritter)​


If you have any questions on this data, the metrics and projects in your area, or need clarification on terms, please reach out to Melissa Floyd, Manager of Business Architecture and Planning​

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753