We provide courtesy telephones in all residence halls, in shared spaces such as hallways and lounges.

There is no in-room telephone service for Language School students, including Middlebury undergraduate students, in the summer.


You need to ask your coordinator to request an extension for your summer housing location prior to your arrival.  If you would like a voice mailbox added to your line, please request one at the same time.  Your summer extension will be configured as a Cisco Jabber softphone.  A reference card on using the application on your computer or smartphone is available here. No telephone set is needed. If desirable, bring a headset with microphone capability. After you arrive on campus, to download the application from the campus network go to


You can also install the Cisco Jabber app for your personal mobile device from the appropriate IOS or Android app store.



Dialing Instructions

  • On-Campus Calls:  Dial 4-digit extension
  • Local Off-campus Calls:  Dial 9 + 7-digit local number
  • Toll-free Calls:  Dial 9 + toll-free number
  • Toll Calls:  Long distance personal calls require a calling card.  The College Bookstore in Proctor Hall offers a selection of calling cards, including international cards.
  • Emergency:  5911 for campus or 911 for fire or ambulance emergency.

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