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| by Carrie Macfarlane

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Faculty:  Want to redesign a research assignment, but not sure exactly how?  I’d like to encourage you to ask a librarian for feedback on an early draft.  Often, when students come to the Research Desk, we ask them to pull out their assignment so that we can look at it together.  This helps both of us get a more precise understanding of what is needed.  Now, since librarians have looked at assignments with so many different students, we can help you! Share a new research assignment with your librarian, and we’ll be your student — we’ll try to anticipate questions that your students might have.  

Also, in case you’re starting from scratch, here are some suggestions for research and writing assignments.  

Questions?  Ask a librarian.  

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Carrie Macfarlane is the Director of Research & Instruction at the Davis Family Library