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| by Leanne Galletly

Library Mews

Our cats have been Zoom-bombing since 2020, and it’s about time they get the spotlight they deserve. In this fun series, we will introduce you to the felines owned by Middlebury Library staff.

Ezri peeping over a step

Name: Ezri (or Ezzie)

Age: Adult

Coloration / Breed:

White beneath, grey tiger on top

Place of Origin:

Homeward Bound Addison County’s Humane Society

Adopted by:

Kat Cyr, Interlibrary Loan Associate

Ezri clinging to scratching post

Fun facts:

She’s a big fan of love-nips, particularly at the elbow or calf (whichever’s easier access). This is especially exciting when one is attempting standing yoga poses.

During the spring of the initial COVID lock down, she once caught a bird during an all staff Zoom meeting.

Her favorite place to sleep is inside my ukulele case.

Ezri napping

Favorite Toy:

Anything on a string. Particularly if it has feathers.

Special Talents:

She makes a peeping sound to ask where I am or get my attention. Her peep can summon the dogs out of a sound sleep from across the house.

She knows that chewing on books is the quickest way to get her owner out of bed.

Cover art for Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

If she had a library card..

Ezri would check out Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willem, because…pigeons.

Follow the series

Each month we’ll feature a new staff cat. To keep up with this series, use the link go/librarymews/. If you were hoping to find library news, please visit go/librarynews/.

Media Contact

Leanne Galletly is the User Experience & Digital Scholarship Librarian, as well as a big fan of the feline.