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| by Kaitlin Buerge

Special Collections

Thanks to the efforts of Middlebury’s Digital Projects & Archives Librarian, Patrick Wallace, we are happy to announce that digitized issues of The Middlebury Campus dating from 1981 to 2008 are now available via the Internet Archive (go/ia).

These “new” issues of The Campus have been added to an ever-growing (over 3,000 items!) digital collection entitled “Middlebury College Newspapers and Magazines” available on the site. In addition to digitized copies of The Campus, the collection also includes The Undergraduate (precursor to The Campus), and Middlebury Magazine.

Screenshot of The Campus in Internet Archive.
Visit go/ia to access digitized copies of The Campus and more!

Did you know digitized materials on the Internet Archive are full-text searchable? Simply click the bubble next to “Text contents” below the search bar. We searched for ourselves and found this mention in a Campus article from March 7, 2007:

To some, Special Collections may sound stuffy, as if it is a dusty room filled with decaying books occasionally read by the few history geeks on campus. Nothing however, could be further from the truth.

We can’t help but agree with the author on this one.


Questions about accessing digitized materials? Email specialcollections@middlebury.edu