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| by Kaitlin Buerge

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Cover of the Middlebury Nursery School Cook Book

As if this cook book isn’t charming enough, donor Deborah West Zipf ‘58, provided us with a backstory rich in Middlebury history!

Deborah West Zipf attended the Middlebury Graded School housed in Twilight Hall (see 1925 image of Twilight Hall below) in the 1940s. During this time, Zipf’s father, Elmer D. West, was one of the officers of the V-12 Navy College Training Program unit stationed at Middlebury College during World War II. Of her grade school years, Zipf recalls:

I went to school in what is now Twilight Hall, where in second grade I rose with my classmates each morning, curtsied and said, in unison,  ‘Good Morning, Miss Everett.’ I have never forgotten that curtsy and can do it to this day, should it be needed; I also use the cursive writing Miss Everett taught us.
1925 photograph of Twilight Hall
Middlebury Graded School at Twilight Hall in 1925. View image details at the Internet Archive.

The cook book includes recipes submitted by families and friends of the school, many of whom were also related to Middlebury professors and administrators. Check out the seafood omelette recipe submitted by Charlotte Moody, daughter of Middlebury College President, Paul Dwight Moody below.

Seafood omelette recipe in the Middlebury Nursery School Cook Book
Seafood omelette recipe by Charlotte Moody, daughter of Middlebury President, Paul Dwight Moody 

And, we really think you should try this recipe for prune whip. Yum!

Image showing page from cook book with prune whip recipe