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MiddLab Workshops

If you would like to organize a workshop for your class, lab, student organization, or department, MiddLab can help. Members of MiddLab run workshops for summer research assistants, the economics department faculty, the Women in Computer Science student organization, and more.

Topics and technologies they can teach workshops on include:

• Introduction to R and RStudio

• Data wrangling with R and the tidyverse

• Data visualization in R

• Introductory GIS work with R, QGIS, ArcGIS Online, etc.

• Introduction to working with data

• The UNIX shell

• git and GitHub for version control

• Introduction to text mining and analysis

• Data cleaning with OpenRefine

• Public and open data sources

• Data management planning

• Creating digital exhibits using Omeka


If you don’t see a topic or tool you would like a workshop to cover, please reach out to us at and we can discuss further.


Self-Paced Tutorials

The Midd Bazaar lists dozens of scientific computing, coding, and data tutorials to select and follow at your own pace. 

The Midd Bazaar is an open and collaborative crowd-sourced environment for faculty, staff, and students to share and learn. Please connect to contribute and collaborate in the exchange of ideas and cooperative development of this bazaar.

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