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Big Data in a Neuroscience Research Lab and Classroom

Amanda Crocker (NSCI) - Big Data in the Crocker Neuroscience Research Lab and the Classroom (May 2021)

Big Data in the Crocker Neuroscience Research Lab and the Classroom
Amanda Crocker, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Neuroscience has recently achieved a new understanding of the role single-cell gene transcription plays in determining neurons’ physiological properties. We are exploring this research frontier in our labs and classrooms at Middlebury College. Access to public data sets has allowed undergraduates both in research labs and classes to explore how behavior, physiology, and gene expression tie together. In my research lab, we use Drosophila to ask what genes play a role in stress behavior, traumatic brain injury, and learning and memory. We use next-generation sequencing to identify mitochondrial gene expression changes in Rett’s syndrome and other poorly characterized genetic developmental disorders through collaborations with Emory University. In this talk, I discuss how we use our data and public data sets to increase our students’ data literacy and help them acquire the 21st century skills in behavioral neuroscience, computational neuroscience, and data science that they need to succeed. 

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