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ITS is excited to announce, thanks to generous contributions from our infrastructure technology partners, in the coming months we will be updating and expanding the high-speed networking and storage capabilities of the Ada high-performance computing (HPC) platform. 

The Ada HPC environment is the result of a multiyear collaboration between ITS and a cross-disciplinary group of faculty. Starting with a successful NSF grant proposal (PI: Amy Yuen) to now planning for the future of shared high-performance computing resources at the College, we are developing an effective model for introducing shared high-performance computing resources across the institution. The Ada HPC cluster has supported 65 faculty and students in the last two years, including 13 faculty and 12 students in the last 6 months. 

Equipment and services donated from Arista Networks and Pure Storage will dramatically improve the storage I/O and networking performance of the existing Ada HPC cluster, as well as open up the possibility to provide access for additional high-speed storage across the academic community in the future, all with the goal of enabling faculty and student researchers to push into new areas of data analysis. Building on the framework for collaboration and resource sharing established by the HPC team, we plan to run proof-of-concept exercises demonstrating the use of high-speed storage services in a number of academic environments in the year ahead, crossing the spectrum from arts to sciences. Example technical capabilities open for future exploration include object-storage (S3-compatible), multi-node HPC workloads, hybrid-cloud HPC jobs, container hosting, and Jupyter notebooks.  

If you are interested in learning more about this effort, please contact Paul Dicovitsky from ITS.

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