Recent micro-grants to support professional development, curricular innovation, and scholarship are below. For more about these grants and how to apply see Funding and Support.

  1. Holly Allen, College, American Studies, Vermont Public Institutions and Other American Studies Collaborations in the Digital Humanities
  2. Michelle Biancosino, College, Theater, “Momentary Exchange”
  3. Alaina Brandt and Carles Andreu, Institute, The Localization Terminology
  4. Tanya Byker, College, Economics, Training Course in preparation for summer data bootcamp course, INTD 109, Introduction to Data.
  5. Molly Costanza-Robinson, College, Chemistry, How effective has Act 66 been in terms of reducing children’s exposure to lead via drinking water?
  6. Hemangini Gupta, College, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Collaborative Digital Methods.
  7. Hemangini Gupta, College, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Gender, Technology and the Future Labs
  8. Guntram Herb, College, Geography, Mapping the Global:  An Atlas of the State of the World
  9. Allison Jacobel, College, Geology, Developing a Neural Network-Derived Algorithm to Identify Phytoplankton Species in the Tropical Atlantic
  10. John Schmitt, College, Mathematics, Conference on Set Design Theory, June 2022, Zagreb, Croatia
  11. XiaoYan Shen, Institute, Parallel Practice Logging (PPL):  An Innovative and Interactive Pedagogical Activity in Interpretation Training
  12. Carly Thomsen, College, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Developing New Translation Skills:  Moving from the Analog to the Digital
  13. Erin Wolcott, College, Economics, Did Racist Labor Policies Reverse Equality Gains for Everyone?

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