Professional formation is about not only learning a profession and preparing to enter the workforce, but also the ongoing work of advancing effective solutions to the world’s problems through original research and constructive debate within those professions. Graduate students have a unique opportunity to inform and structure those public debates as they enter the workforce and lessen polarization and extremism in the process.

Select Projects in 2022

  • Support for the Critical Issues Forum, a program to promote critical thinking and better understanding of nonproliferation and disarmament
  • Graduate fellowships and training cohort for fall 2022
  • Five research grants for MIIS faculty


Netta Avineri, Associate Professor, TESOL at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies

“Meaningful professional formation integrates hands-on learning about a profession with relevant preparation to enter the workforce. It also necessarily includes engaging in original research, ongoing collaboration, and constructive debate for social change.” — Netta Avineri