The Institute provides opportunities for students to apply for financial support for Immersive Professional Learning (IPL). Funding is awarded on an individual basis and can be awarded for a credit bearing or non-credit bearing IPL experience.


  • Current MA degree-seeking students in good academic and financial standing with the Institute are eligible to apply.
  • Only MIIS-approved Immersive Professional Learning will be considered. This is applicable to both managed group programs and individual IPL experiences. IPL experiences in the local Monterey area are eligible.
  • Students receiving room and board and/or a stipend of more than $600 per month through their IPL host are not eligible.

NOTEAll Immersive Professional Learning activities should adhere to COVID-19 safety and security requirements in place at the time of the experience. See below for remote/virtual and certificate training options. 

New COVID-19 Eligible IPL: Virtual internships and consultancies (unpaid or minimally paid) and professional certificates relevant to your degree/career. 

Application Requirements and Information

Students applying for IPL funding must submit the following:

  • A completed IPL funding application, including an estimated breakdown of your costs.
  • Completion of international activity form for higher risk areas if the proposed activity is:
    • taking place abroad/outside of the US; and
    • in a location with a State Department Travel Warning of 2 or higher and no Middlebury School Abroad presence
  • A two to four page proposal that includes the following:
    • A description of your IPL activity
    • How your IPL activity will contribute to your education at the Institute
    • A description of your deliverable that will creatively and effectively share the learning experience with the greater Institute community.

Due to the rolling nature of some IPL activities, there are six application deadlines.

  • October 1: Fall 2019 and January 2020 IPL
  • November 1: Fall 2019 and January 2020 IPL, and Spring 2019 Semester-long IPL Opportunities
  • December 1: Fall 2019 and January 2020 IPL, Spring Break 2019 Practica, and Spring 2019 Semester-Long Opportunities
  • February 5: Spring Break 2020 Practica and Spring 2020 Semester-long IPL Opportunities
  • March 5: Spring Break 2020 Practica, Spring 2019 Semester-long Opportunities, and Summer 2020 IPL
  • May 31 (rolling review): Spring 2020 Semester-Long Opportunities and Summer 2020 IPL, and Fall 2020 Semester-long Opportunities (IEM Practicum) 

Financial Aid

If you receive IPL funding for work associated with a class and are receiving financial aid for the course or associated travel, the award will be considered financial aid. Your aid may be adjusted and the grant may not be paid to you directly. Rather, the grant may be used to pay off the loans that were previously awarded to you.

Evaluation Criteria

A committee that includes two staff members and a student representative will evaluate applications, and award funding amounts based on the tier system described below. Students are eligible for one IPL award per each year of study.

Tier One: Credit-bearing, unpaid or minimally paid ($600/m or less), off-site, semester-long opportunities


  • IPSS
  • DPMI Plus (field program)
  • IEM Practicum
  • DPP Independent Field Course
  • DPP Practicum (commute or travel expenses)
  • Directed Study with immersive learning component (internship, field research, etc.)

Tier Two: Non-credit bearing, unpaid or minimally paid ($600/m or less) semester or summer long engagements with an organization or client


  • Internships (virtual options are eligible)
  • Localization work
  • Interpretation work
  • Translation work
  • Language Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teacher Training

Tier Three: Credit bearing short-term (one to four weeks) J-term, spring break, or summer programs


  • Faculty-led off-campus practica, such as IEM France Practicum, China Dream, Cuba Onsite Course, Balkans Onsite Course, and NPTS Czech Republic Research Reactor Practicum
  • ECLAC Interpretation internship
  • Spring or fall directed study with one to four weeks of travel in January or over spring break (this includes alumni-managed programs in Peru and Colombia during J-term)

Tier Four: Support to credit-bearing or non-credit bearing work with real-world clients when client isn’t able to provide any or very little resources for expenses


  • Classwork focused on clients when client is recruited by faculty (in other words, not supporting an individual students who decides to work with clients on class projects on their own (e.g., some curriculum projects in TESOL/TFL)
  • Case competitions

Not Eligible

  • Tuition costs
  • Residential costs associated with taking classes
  • Conference attendance (available through student council conference funding process); Note: Virtual conference fees temporarily permitted due to COVID-19 limits on other IPL options. 
  • CBE Summer Fellows
  • IONP
  • Programs already funded through MIIS or other sources, such as the Freeman Award, Fulbright and Boren Fellowships, as well as the Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace recipients. This includes paid internships or jobs (e.g., stipend, wages, and/or room and board provided by host organization or sponsor)
  • Client-reimbursed costs
  • Study Abroad, including Middlebury Schools Abroad, except in cases where there is an internship component
  • ITED DC Semester (except direct costs associated with local unpaid internship, e.g., D.C. metro or bus commute)
  • The Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) or any other language courses

Funding Amounts

The table below shows the maximum amount awarded for approved applications in each tier.


Award Amount

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4

    Actual expenses, up to $500 maximum

Funding is not guaranteed and is provided on a reimbursement basis only. The amount awarded is at the discretion of the Immersive Professional Learning selection committee.

Funding can be used towards the following expenses:

  • Program registration and fees (excluding tuition)
  • Travel
  • Lodging and meals
  • Other travel costs (e.g., taxi and other ground transportation)
  • Essential supply costs directly related to IPL experience or the sharing of the experience with the community


Reimbursement requests will be processed when the Vice President’s Office has received a deliverable submission form that includes all of the following:

  • Electronic versions of original receipts for expenses (program fee (not tuition), travel, lodging, or supplies as noted in budget).
  • Digital deliverable documenting the experience. The deliverable can be in the form of a report, video, or blog. The Institute reserves the right to use this information through our online platforms to share your story. It should not be an academic deliverable unless your academic deliverable has a strong storytelling component.
  • Photo of student or group/class in the field with caption: Ideal images should be good quality and high-resolution. Candid images of students working or well-composed group images are preferred.

Note: Students who are not U.S. citizens or a permanent resident may be subject to tax withholding, which means the Tax Office at Middlebury College will calculate an amount of tax to be subtracted from your reimbursement.

The Vice President’s Office reserves the right to request additional documentation regarding attendance and/or participation including, but not limited to registration forms and proof of participation.

Questions on IPL funding can be directed to Barbara Burke.