Students walking through campus holding flags from various countries.

The Middlebury Institute is a vibrant and internationally diverse community of nearly 800 students from more than 50 countries.

International students pay the same tuition and have the same opportunities for merit-based scholarships as U.S. students. Additional resources for international students include the following:

Financing Your Education

International students have a number of options for funding their education. Learn more about financing your education.

Visas and Living in the U.S.

For our on-site programs, we have a dedicated staff of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) who work to facilitate the process of bringing students, staff, and faculty from around the world to study and work at Middlebury. ISSS will work closely with you on the visa application process and can provide resources and helpful tips for navigating life in the U.S.

Online International Students

If you are interested in our remote programs, please review our resources for online international students.

Why the Institute: Learning to make a difference

My name is Lama Ranjous and I’m from Syria. I’m studying international policy and development. I started my master’s degree in Damascus. I finished the first year, and I couldn’t continue because of the conflict. I knew about a program called 100 Syrian Women. They give scholarships basically in Canada and United States.

I applied, I got the scholarship, and they advised me to apply for MIIS. I searched for the courses, and international policy and development. I came directly from Syria to Monterey and it was huge change in general. There is certain environment at MIIS. There is international community. A lot of students from all around the world and each one of them holds a different experience.

Different story. Different conflict sometimes. And you relate to this story, you feel this connection. My support system are my friends are here. They understand a lot, they are really kind. We eat together, we cook together, and we are creating memories here. Inside Syria, there you’re just overwhelmed with everything, and I was working in the humanitarian organization so I was dealing with the situation every day.

But I couldn’t stop and look so what’s really happening. Here, I am taking Introduction to Policy, Women and Human Rights, and Conflict Resolution. I just can sit right now and try to analyze it very far away from my emotion. Now I can understand. I can be very objective about this.

I came here with a dream and I think it’s now clear for me. I want this education to empower the youth inside Syria in a way that they will be able to build the country again. Or to feel that they can go there and start rebuilding again.