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We promote the responsible use of our resources in practical applications and in the education and engagement of our students.

As an academic institution with an international and solution-oriented focus—and our location in beautiful Monterey, California—we are committed to a sustainable way of life.

We understand the scope and the urgency of the current environmental crisis and recognize that every business, individual, and academic institution must reduce its environmental impact. Our professional faculty, ambitious students, and active alumni bring decades of experience in creating and effecting the policies that drive today’s environmental movement.

Check out our content:

  • Energy2028: Climate Action Plan: Access the MIIS Climate Action Plan (CAP, 2019), the biennially published addendums, and a list of our current initiatives and projects
  • Auditing: GHG and Waste: Includes our greenhouse gas audit data, campus waste data, and other programs and initiatives that work towards our Net Zero goal.
  • Get Involved: Find out how you can get involved in our on-campus clubs and engage with the Monterey Community. Check out our latest accomplishments as we work to serve the MIIS community and get our campus closer to our 2028 Net Zero goal.
  • Upcoming Events: Find our upcoming events on and off campus to promote sustainability here.
  • Resources and Guides: A must-have list of guides and resources to incorporate sustainable actions into your everyday life.
  • Our Green Thumb Garden: Find out how you can get involved in our student-run community garden.
  • Contact Us: Reach out to the Sustainability Graduate Assistants with comments or questions!

Education and Research:

Sustainability is integral to the educational experience at the Middlebury Institute.

Several of our degree programs and professional development opportunities focus on sustainability issues, and many faculty members have contributed to the research on environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and continue to publish regularly on the topics. Additionally, the MIIS Sustainability Council meets regularly and provides the opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to collaborate on sustainability initiatives. 

Sustainable consumption and climate awareness are not topics isolated to the International Environmental Policy program at MIIS. It is imperative that all students—throughout the degree programs—contribute to and collaborate on initiatives that continue to put MIIS at the forefront of higher education climate action.

Calling all Monterey EV drivers: 

Please feel free to utilize our very own electric vehicle charger, which is located in the parking lot next to the library.  The charger is available to all, so please use it responsibly and move your car after it is finished charging.  

Student Sustainability Resource Guide

Check out this guide that provides resources for students and helps them live sustainably during their time in Monterey.

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