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    Monterey Campus

    President's Day Writing Retreat

    This three and a half day writing retreat is designed to provide interested students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests some intensive and uninterrupted writing time to work on writing projects of their choice. Time will be divided between individual writing activities on the second floor of the library (or wherever you would like to be), collaborative consultation and discussion before and after the sessions, and shared breaks for snacks and meals. There is no instruction, no peer-reading unless arranged by participants on their own, and no workshop-like activities.

    • Closed to the Public
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    McGowan MG215

    Yoga Flow Class with Andrea Olsen

    Yoga Flow Class with Andrea Olsen Energy Flow Series: Clear stress, refresh energy, and re-focus your intention each week through this Embodyoga and qi gong flow class. Suitable for all; no experience required; some mats available, please try and bring your own.

    • Closed to the Public
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    Casa Fuente 452

    Working with Language & Professional Programs

    Learn more about the job opportunities with GSTILE's Language & Professional Programs! Hear from programs that include the Summer Intensive Language Program, Intensive English Programs, and Custom Language Services about their yearly activities and how you can get involved.

    • Closed to the Public
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    V499 Videoconference Rm

    CTBTO Youth Group club meeting

    Join us for the first meeting of the CTBTO Youth Group MIIS chapter in 2018! We will discuss our planned activities for spring semester, as well as your goals and proposals.

    • Closed to the Public
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    McCone Irvine Auditorium

    TILM Career Fair Prep Session

    Join this session to hone your networking skills in preparation for the Annual TILM Career Fair in March!

    • Closed to the Public
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    McGowan MG100

    Terrorism Studies Faculty Candidate Talk

    Howard Gambrill Clark will give a presentation to the MIIS community regarding his professional qualifications for the position of Professor of Terrorism Studies.Open to MIIS faculty, staff, and students.

    • Closed to the Public