Students work with a faculty member in the Graduate Writing Center, one of several academic resources available.

Your one-stop shop for academic success!

Faculty and Office Hours

Your faculty are one of the best resources available to you to help you succeed in your program. Faculty are available for office hours to answer questions about assignments, clarify topics covered in class, and to help support you if you are having challenges in a course. Most faculty post their availability on their syllabus. If you need to see a faculty member outside of posted times, email them directly to make arrangements.

Program Chairs and Academic Advisors

Program Chairs and Online Program Directors develop and deliver our academic programs and work with faculty to incorporate feedback from students on how the curriculum is helping students to develop the skills and knowledge needed for chosen career paths. They are an excellent resource if you are having challenges with the program or a particular class, or have ideas for program improvements. 

Academic Advisors are available to support students’ overall academic success. They assist students in mapping out courses of study to align with their professional objectives while ensuring their degree requirements are met. They can also help customize course loads to balance students’ competing demands. Advisors work closely with the Associate Dean of Academic Operations who provides the next level of support for students experiencing challenges that are impacting their ability to be successful in the program. Personal, financial, family matters, health, and other issues can all crop up beyond our best planning. For support, reach out to Associate Dean Toni Thomas

Quick Links

These resources are accessible to students pursuing in-person and fully online programs.