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Vice President and Senior Staff

Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute

Email: jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4647
Office: Segal Building

Barbara Burke

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Email: blburke@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3513
Office: Segal Building

Shirley Coly

Director of Development

Email: scoly@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7179
Office: McGowan Building MG300A

Steven Marino

Manager of Finance

Email: smarino@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6408
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF449C

Amy McGill

Associate Provost for Integration Strategies

Email: mcgill@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4103
Office: Service Building 238

Jason Warburg

Executive Director of Communications

Email: jwarburg@middlebury.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3516
Office: McGowan Building MG300D

Academic Leadership

Laura Burian

Dean, Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education

Email: lburian@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3554
Office: McCone Building M205

Fernando DePaolis

Dean, Graduate School of International Policy and Management

Email: fdepaolis@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3568
Office: McCone Building M113

William Potter

Professor; Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Email: wpotter@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4154
Office: 499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 234

Jason Scorse

Associate Professor; Program Chair, International Environmental Policy; Director, Center for the Blue Economy

Email: jscorse@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3548
Office: Craig Building K22

Pushpa Iyer

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Conflict Studies; Chief Diversity Officer

Email: piyer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-7104
Office: McCone Building M124D

Program Chairs and Coordinators

Katherine Punteney

Associate Professor; Program Chair, International Education Management

Email: kpunteney@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4625
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300F

Jason Scorse

Associate Professor; Program Chair, International Environmental Policy; Director, Center for the Blue Economy

Email: jscorse@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3548
Office: Craig Building K22

Beryl Levinger

Distinguished Professor; Program Chair, International Policy and Development; Master of Public Administration

Email: blevinger@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6640
Office: McCone Building M212

Wei Liang

Professor; Program Co-chair, International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

Email: wliang@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4142
Office: McCone Building M116

Robert Rogowsky

Professor; Program Co-Chair, International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

Email: rarogowsky@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3507
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF443B

Philipp C. Bleek

Associate Professor; Acting Program Chair, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Email: pbleek@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6509
Office: McGowan Building MG205

Sandra Dow

Professor; Program Chair, MBA in Global Impact Management

Email: smdow@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4187
Office: McCone Building M211

Anne Campbell

Assistant Professor; Program Coordinator, Joint MPA/International Education Management

Email: accampbell@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6502
Office: Casa Fuente Building CF300A

Kathi Bailey

Professor; Program Chair TESOL/TFL

Email: kb@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4181
Office: McCone Building M208

Max Troyer

Associate Professor of Professional Practice; Program Chair, Translation and Localization Management

Email: mtroyer@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6422
Office: McCone Building M206

Julie Johnson

Professor; Program Chair, Translation, Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation

Email: jejohnso@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3089
Office: McCone Building M123

Wallace Chen 陳瑞清

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator Chinese Translation and Interpretation

Email: juiching@middlebury.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4167
Office: IIRC Building 3

Christiane Abel

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, French Translation and Interpretation

Email: cabel@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3555
Office: 400 Pacific Street D206

Andrea Hofmann-Miller

Assistant Professor; Program Coordinator, German Translation and Interpretation

Email: ahofmann@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3527
Office: McCone Building M104

Hideko Russell

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice; Program Coordinator, Japanese Translation and Interpretation

Email: hrussell@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4621
Office: McCone Building M122

Miryoung Sohn

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, Korean Translation and Interpretation

Email: msohn@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3552
Office: McCone Building M106

Rosa Kavenoki

Professor; Program Coordinator, Russian Translation and Interpretation

Email: rkavenok@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3515
Office: IIRC Building 6

Cas Shulman-Mora

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, Spanish Translation and Interpretation

Email: cshulmanmora@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4161
Office: McCone Building M103

Mahmoud Abdalla

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, Arabic Language Studies

Email: mabdalla@miis.edu
Tel: (802) 443-5230
Office: IIRC Building 7

Jinhuei Enya Dai

Professor; Program Coordinator, Chinese Language Studies

Email: jdai@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-6570
Office: McCone Building M107

Lisa Leopold

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, English Language Studies

Email: lleopold@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3599
Office: McCone Building M102B

Michel Gueldry

Professor; Program Coordinator, French Language Studies

Email: mgueldry@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3508
Office: McCone Building M225

Naoko Matsuo

Assistant Professor; Program Coordinator, Japanese Language Studies

Email: nmatsuo@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-3512
Office: McCone Building M222

Pablo Oliva

Associate Professor; Program Coordinator, Spanish Language Studies

Email: poliva@miis.edu
Tel: (831) 647-4173
Office: McCone Building M111