Rosa Kavenoki
IIRC Building 6
(831) 647-3515

Rosa Kavenoki was born in St. Petersburg, Russia where she obtained her MA in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. In her post-graduate studies, she continued to work with the same topic that interested her in college: developing dictionaries of word frequencies by subject matter. She also worked with a small team of scholars who created machine translation corpi of technical and scientific terms. Subsequently, Kavenoki developed a dictionary of Mayan word frequencies which was the first of its kind at the time.


Professor Kavenoki’s life took a different turn when she went to work as the public relations director for a major Russian drama theater. She also worked directly with playwrights on play development and editing, and was involved in selecting material for productions. In addition, she translated two plays into Russian, one from Italian, the other from Spanish.


Throughout her career she has continued to do freelance work in Translation and Interpretation, using Spanish and Italian at first, then English after moving to the U.S in 1985. She has worked with expansive and eclectic subject matter for such organization as the U.S. Secret Service, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, International Launch Services, and the International Olympic Committee, among many others.

Areas of Interest

As part of her extracurricular activities, Professor Kavenoki built a network of Russian-English T&I schools incorporating all leading Russian universities. Currently, she is launching a one-of-a-kind, trilateral, Russian-Chinese-American enterprise for young T&I professionals. Professor Kavenoki is interested in new social phenomena that affect mass media and the linguistic evolution of English and Russian—the changing meanings of words; the creation of new meanings from existing words; English inclusions in Russian contemporaneous speech; etc.


She is a zealous reader with a pronounced passion for books that reflect critical history points of the 20th century in the U.S. and Europe. She is very interested in how the American 20s and 30s affected the country’s overall cultural narrative and likes to explore how various pop culture events influenced contemporary language and thought.

Academic Degrees

  • MA in Romance Languages and Structural Linguistics, St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University
  • Postgraduate Studies: Developed word frequency dictionaries for a major machine translation project at the Herzen State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg

Professor Kavenoki has been teaching at the Institute since 1985.