The Communications Office serves as the voice of the Institute and promotes and supports it through a variety of services.

Whether you are a reporter hoping to connect with one of our world-class experts, or a campus community member with a story to tell, we look forward to assisting you. Our office is located in Suite 300 of the McGowan Building at 411 Pacific Street.

Eva Gudbergsdottir

Director of Communications

Tel: (831) 647-6606
Office: McGowan Building MG300E


We can assist you in the following ways:

Find an Expert

Search our database of experts in subjects relevant to breaking news around the world or a variety of human interest topics such as language acquisition and culture. Please contact us if you need help identifying the right faculty or staff member.

ReadyCam® Studio

All of our Monterey-based experts are now available for live remote television interviews using our on-campus video broadcast studio. The ReadyCam® system allows our world-renowned experts to connect with broadcast news media easily and conveniently, using Enhanced IP™ technology to transmit broadcast-quality HD video over the Internet to anywhere in the world. Email Eva Gudbergsdottir or call (831) 233-2774 for all things broadcast media related.

Institute News

Sign up for our monthly News and Events newsletter for the latest information about the Institute. Email Eva Gudbergsdottir with the subject line News and Events Sign-Up to subscribe.

The Institute Community

We can assist you in the following ways:

Working with the Media

Our staff are experienced professionals who deal with media on a regular basis. We can help you prepare for an interview, find a good location, and offer advice and training, if needed.

Media Training

Do you feel confident doing interviews with television, radio, or print journalists? Are you comfortable speaking about your subject or research without using jargon? Has it been a while since you were last interviewed and you are unsure about the changing world of media?

Whether you are looking for some simple tips and advice or longer training sessions, we can assist you. Contact Eva Gudbergsdottir with inquiries. We offer individual and group training.

Project Management

We will serve as your project manager liaison with our Communications colleagues in Vermont when you have need for concept, design, and production services.

Sharing Your Stories

Whether you have an event to promote, a publication to celebrate, or an interesting story to tell, we can help get the word out, both on campus and beyond. Please use this form to submit items to the This Week at MIIS newsletter, the digital sign boards around campus, and Communiqué, our alumni newsletter.