The Marketing and Communications Office serves as the voice of the Institute and promotes and supports it through a variety of services.

Whether you are a reporter hoping to connect with one of our world-class experts, or a campus community member with a story to tell, we look forward to assisting you.

For Media

If you work for a media outlet, we can support you in the following areas:

Find an Expert

Search our database of experts in subjects relevant to breaking news around the world or a variety of human interest topics such as language acquisition and culture. Please contact us if you need help identifying the right faculty or staff member.

ReadyCam® Studio

All of our Monterey-based experts are now available for live remote television interviews using our on-campus video broadcast studio. The ReadyCam® system allows our world-renowned experts to connect with broadcast news media easily and conveniently, using Enhanced IP™ technology to transmit broadcast-quality HD video over the Internet to anywhere in the world.

Institute News

Sign up for our monthly News and Events newsletter for the latest information about the Institute.

For Community Partners

Are you looking to promote an event or opportunity to our faculty, students and staff? Fill out our content request form for your item to be considered for inclusion in our newsletter. To post the flyers on our community boards, bring four copies to the Student Services office at 440 Van Buren Street on Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For the Middlebury Institute Community

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member at the Middlebury Institute, we can help you in the following areas:

Website Support

For help with technical issues and editing your web pages, please submit an ITS helpdesk ticket. Your request will be assigned to the appropriate resource for support. 

To discuss your website strategy, including which components to use to best represent your content and achieve your goals, please contact


Do you have a program, event, publication, etc., that you would like promoted? Fill out our content request form and we will promote your event across the appropriate platforms depending on your audience.

News Story

Do you have a potential news story? Fill out our content request form; our editorial team will review your submission and follow up accordingly. 

Marketing Strategy

Discuss your promotion strategy, create an advertising campaign, design collateral for your program, etc., please contact

Internal Communications

If you need to get information and updates to the Middlebury Institute community:

  • For internal communications guidance and strategy, please contact Sierra Abukins.
  • To have an email sent to all students, staff, and faculty, please contact Barbara Burke.

Confused by the many acronyms at MIIS? We have a quick guide to MIIS acronyms to help you.

Media Inquiries and Training

Do you feel confident doing interviews with television, radio, or print journalists? Are you comfortable speaking about your subject or research without using jargon? Has it been a while since you were last interviewed and you are unsure about the changing world of media? Our staff includes experienced professionals who deal with media on a regular basis. We can help you prepare for an interview, find a good location, and provide training if needed.

Please send media inquiries and requests for media training to Sierra Abukins.

Reserving the Studio

The Institute has a fully operational studio on the third floor of McGowan with professional lighting, audio set-up, and a hi-res camera that can be used for media interviews, live presentations, or recording videos. Contact Sierra Abukins to reserve the studio.

Zoom Backgrounds

Looking to refresh your video call meeting backgrounds? We have a selection of Middlebury Institute Zoom backgrounds that showcase Monterey’s beautiful scenery.


Right-click the image below to save the file or drag and drop to your computer. Need a hi-res version? Contact Sierra Abukins.

Middlebury Institute logo with left alignment
Middlebury Institute Logo - Centered