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Here are general instructions for completing your Middlebury Institute application. Be sure to review your degree program of choice for details and specific requirements.

Why the Institute: Working With and Within Communities

My name is Miranda Meyer, and I'm a dual degree international education management, and public administration student. I did my independent study in Managua, Nicaragua, and we were working on a monitoring and evaluation for the Rachel and Jackie Foundation for their teacher training program. It works to provide access quality and relevance to education for people in rural Nicaragua.

So I was able to go down in January for ten days and work with people on the ground about what the monitoring and evaluation program would look like and the whole plan. So I worked with the onsite director, I met with some teachers, I met with fellows, and fellows are locals that work in the area.

They're not politically or religiously affiliated, so they're able to really have the best interest of the community at heart. I was able to work on, I did surveys, I did questionnaires. We set up things like computer literacy programs for University professors in Managua to actually go out into the field and do these trainings.

And they themselves were, wow, this is a whole different Nicaragua that I have never gotten to see before. I think the thing that surprised me the most was that I was able to actually implement what I have been learning at school perfectly. The most challenging part was trusting my own intuition and going down and feeling confident about what I was saying and, in a way, feeling pressure because they knew that I was this grad student.

Where as a lot of the fellows, for example, they've only received a second grade education or fourth grade education. So they looked to me like, she's wise, she has all this schooling, where in reality I was actually learning more from them because they had all this experience that I didn't have.

I like going into the communities, working with the fellows who are the leaders there and asking what do they need? What do they want from their community? And really pulling together resources from within the community to better themselves. So I will be working with Rachel and Jackie Foundation to go back to Nicaragua in June.

To continue working with the fellows on expanding and implementing this across Nicaragua. I think this is ideal, especially for someone who is in the international education management public administration field. Because it's a perfect combination of nonprofit work, international work, and bridging the cultural divide of the cultural gaps.

Start Dates

We offer fall admission for all degree programs and spring admission for select programs. Check at the top of the curriculum page for your degree program of choice to see if a spring start is an option. For start dates, visit the academic calendar.

Application Deadlines

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to receive our largest scholarships, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Fall 2019 Admission

July 15: Extended deadline for U.S. citizens and permanent residents

  • International students may still be able to apply for fall 2019 depending on visa processing times, which vary by country. Contact your enrollment advisor to discuss your options.

Spring 2020 Admission

June 1: Priority Deadline

  • Accelerated admission decision
  • Priority scholarship consideration

August 15: Round One

October 1: Final Deadline

  • Due to visa processing times, international students should apply by this deadline.
  • Need-based grants deadline.
  • U.S. applicants are also encouraged to meet this deadline to maximize scholarship opportunities.

Admission Decision

We will notify you of our admission decision four to six weeks after receiving your complete application. The review process may be longer than six weeks for students who need to provide additional information regarding their language proficiency.

How-To Videos

Watch our videos on how to apply and how to finance your education. We also include customized instructions for international students. Submit your online application to access our guide on How to Ace Your Admissions Interview. If you have already submitted your application and have not received the guide please contact your enrollment advisor.

Application Checklist

  • Online application, which includes the following:

    • Essay

    • Résumé or curriculum vitae

    • Personal scholarship statements

  • $65 application fee (nonrefundable)

  • Undergraduate transcripts

  • One letter of recommendation (two preferred)

  • Interview in person or via Skype (if needed)

  • GRE or GMAT scores (not required)

  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (required only for nonnative English speakers, minimum preferred scores vary by program)

  • Second language proficiency (requirements vary by program)