The Language and Skills Test (LST) is required for applicants to the following master’s degrees:

  • Translation (T)
  • Translation and Interpretation (TI)
  • Conference Interpretation (CI)
  • Translation and Localization Management (TLM): only for applicants who plan to satisfy the language requirement through translation courses
  • Joint T/TLM, TI/TLM, and CI/TLM

Video Guide to the Language and Skills Test (LST) 

Translation and Interpretation Professor Julie Johnson guides you through exactly what the Language and Skills Test (LST) is, why it is required for admission to our Translation and Interpretation programs, and what it is designed to assess. She also provides practical information on what each section of the test is like and how long it takes, test-taking tips, and what professors are evaluating as they review your LST.

You will automatically be sent this video guide after you submit your online application.

Test Details

This test is designed to assess the current and authentic written and oral fluency level of the applicant’s working languages. Please note that we do not provide sample tests. 

The LST for fall 2024 applicants will be available from September 18, 2023, and you will receive access to the LST two to four days after you have completed the online application and paid the application fee for your degree program.

Please make sure you have a strong Internet connection when you take this online test.

Test Structure

The LST takes approximately 5 hours to complete. Each item on the test is timed, and you will see a timer. When the allotted time ends, you will be automatically moved to the next item on the test. There are two breaks built into the test: the first after approximately 1.5 hours and the second after approximately 2.5 hours. During these breaks, you can log out of the test and log back in whenever you are ready to proceed.

Part One

Focuses on your reading and listening comprehension skills in your two languages (A and B languages).

Part Two 

Focuses on your ability to paraphrase/retell—both orally and in writing—within each of your languages. You will also be asked in this section to write a brief essay in each of your languages and give a brief oral commentary. The topics are general enough to require no outside support, references, or materials, and we request that you NOT refer to outside materials. Since each item is timed, it is important that you optimize this time to respond to the best of your ability.

Part Three

Focuses on your ability to paraphrase/retell—both orally and in writing—between each of your languages.


We do not provide individual feedback on the test. If your test indicates that your skills are not currently at the level required to start one of our translation and interpretation programs, speak with your enrollment advisor about how you can work on improving your language skills.