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David Wick
Casa Fuente Building CF300G
(831) 647-4176

David Wick has worked in international education since 1988. His experience includes leading study abroad efforts at a youth exchange organization, Arkansas State University, San Francisco State University, and Santa Clara University. Additionally, Wick brings private sector experience from a decade as a project manager and account executive in advertising and design.

Wick's international experience includes study in Mexico, France, Germany, Austria, and the UK and teaching in France and Hungary. Wick has given lectures or workshops in Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. Wick is a Fulbright Scholar who participated in the 2011 International Education Administrators’ Program in India. 

Volunteer service is central to Wick’s professional engagement. Wick has held appointed and elected leadership roles for NAFSA: Association of International Educators with the Academy, Trainer Corps, Annual Conference Executive Committee, Region III and Region XII teams, and the Education Abroad Knowledge Community. He has supported Diversity Abroad’s work since inception as a conference planner, workshop designer and facilitator, and content developer. Wick currently serves as elected chair of the Lessons from Abroad Advisory Board and as an Alumni Board Member for Macalester College. He has received multiple awards from NASFA in recognition of his international education policy leadership.

Courses Taught

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This course introduces the fundamental essentials of marketing and recruiting as a managerial process. Students who complete the course will understand how to make decisions as managers in educational organizations responsible for defining and operating recruiting and marketing strategies according to their selected mission. This decision-making process includes understanding how to identify and evaluate target market opportunities, define and articulate a value proposition for an educational service, and develop a promotional strategy that takes into consideration competitors and price sensitivities of the target market.

Fall 2018 - MIIS, Spring 2019 - MIIS, Fall 2019 - MIIS

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Services for Student Development

This course uses student development theories related to intrapersonal, psychosocial, and cognitive growth as frameworks for examining professional practice in the U.S. higher education context. An emphasis on theories related to identity and interpersonal development centers the course on student support practices related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Course work is designed as applied practice for holistic development of all students in the higher education student service domains including; Records, Financial Aid, Admissions/Enrollment Management, Academic Advising, Career Services, Health Center, Counseling Center, Residential Life, Student Affairs, Employment Office, Judicial Affairs, Alumni Relations, etc.

Spring 2018 - MIIS, Spring 2019 - MIIS

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Onsite Perspectives: International Education Management in France

This course is an introduction to the onsite management of US Education Abroad programs and international education management in France. Middlebury’s Paris School Abroad, Le Centre Madeline, will serve as the primary case study for the course. MIIS students will engage with the host community and Middlebury staff, faculty and students to better understand the onsite perspectives of managing education abroad for U.S. college students. Participants will also explore and evaluate a variety of international education organizations through visits and observations with various study abroad programs, French universities and local entities who engage with US students and partners to gain a deeper understanding of international education and professional practice in the French context. This project-based course provides students with opportunities to design and implement preprogram training for the student on this program and to complete team projects related to the management of education abroad from a host community perspective. Students will study, explore and apply knowledge directly into practice through this immersive professional learning experience in France.

Spring 2018 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only, Spring 2019 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

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Through reading of the literature and extensive interactions with practitioners, students will explore study abroad models, student advising, orientation programs, financial aid issues, challenges of academic credit transfer, benefits of study abroad, faculty-led programs, risk management strategies, institutional partnership establishment, and growth of the work/intern/volunteer abroad sector.

Fall 2018 - MIIS

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This project-based course provides an opportunity for students to study the stages of program development as well as learn and practice assessment methods. Students put their learning into practice through creation of a program proposal and assessment plan and instruments.

Spring 2018 - MIIS

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Logic Model Framework

This course will introduce students to the purpose and practice of utilizing logic models for design and assessment in the international education context. This course, taught in a weekend workshop, will emphasize fundamental principles and utilization of Theory of Change and the Program Logic Model. Logic Models are further developed and utilized in the IEM degree program and will specifically compliment your assignments in IEMG 8510: Design and Assessment.

Spring 2018 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

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Areas of Interest

Wick’s research and scholarship focuses on designing and delivering education, and international education, to foster equity and social justice for our students, their communities, and the world at large. As a teacher, Wick seeks to guide students to apply theory to inform practice and to use practice to challenge and change theory. He particularly enjoys supporting student learning in project-based courses that connect students with professionals in the field to address real-world problems that increase diversity and inclusion.

Academic Degrees

  • EdD in Educational Leadership, San Francisco State University, California
  • MSE in Educational Theory and Practice, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • BA in French, German, and Dance, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

Professor Wick has been teaching at the Institute since 2015. 


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