These policies for the use of the Middlebury College Kirk Center Kitchen are developed to ensure that all food safety and equipment safety protocols are being followed.

The Kirk kitchen is available for use under the following conditions:

  • You must have a confirmed reservation of the space through Event Management.
  • You may hire Middlebury Catering to provide catering services for no additional kitchen access fee.
  • You may stage an event out of the Kirk kitchen with supervised use of the equipment: stove, oven, warming boxes, coffee maker, and dishwasher. You must arrange to have a qualified Middlebury College Dining Services employee, at $25 per hour (minimum 4 hours), to oversee the event and ensure that the food and our equipment are handled correctly. To schedule this service, contact our catering department at or call Megyn Pitner at x5959.
  • If you do not require the use of any of the equipment in the kitchen other than the sink and counter space, then we do not require a Dining Services staff member to be present. However, there will be a $50 kitchen-use fee, and you must contact the catering department for access. Public Safety will not give you access without Dining Services/Catering approval. Please make sure to arrange access ahead of time.
  • You may supply all of the paper, plastic, and other supplies for your group. Or you may arrange purchase of compostable plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery through our catering department for an additional charge of $1.50 per person.
  • For a $50 kitchen-use fee, your group may hire a non-College-approved outside caterer with a current Vermont health inspection certificate on file as well as a two million dollar ($2 million) liability waiver. The approved caterer may use the kitchen equipment to cook for, cool food at, and clean up after your event without a Dining Services attendant present. You must contact Middlebury Catering to arrange access to the kitchen.
  • For $2.50 per person, you can have the use of the china, glass, and silver for your group. When your event has concluded, you or your caterer must wash and return these items to the original location with the guidance of the Dining Services employee. Please contact Middlebury Catering to access the china, glass, and silverware.
  • You must leave the kitchen space as clean as you found it. Your group may be charged a minimum of $200 if the space is not acceptably cleaned. You will have access to appropriate cleaning equipment (broom, mop, paper towels, sanitizing spray, and rags).
  • The main event room is expected to be cleaned to a reasonable level. Trash and recycling must be discarded in appropriate bins. Linens, if rented from Middlebury College, must be gathered and bagged. Decorations, flowers, etc., must be removed or discarded in appropriate bins. The venue should need no more than light vacuuming, moving of College-owned equipment, and removal of garbage and recycling. Excessive cleaning duties left for Facilities staff could result in loss of privileges to use the venue.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Please contact after reserving the Kirk space to arrange support for your event. You may also contact Megyn Pitner at or 443-5959.