The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (OIDEI) serves as a hub for education, support services, advocacy and accountability related to diversity, equity and inclusion at Middlebury. 

We provide programming and resources that celebrate and affirm diverse identities and lived experiences. We offer development opportunities designed to help members of the campus community better understand and address barriers related to access, opportunity and full participation. We coordinate reporting processes and ensure there is a fair and equitable response to campus climate concerns and violations of related campus policies. We identify institutional goals, advocate for change, and provide both transparency and accountability about our progress in working toward those goals.


Chief Diversity Officer

Miguel Fernández
Chief Diversity Officer
Service Building 219
(802) 443-5792

Naomi Neff
Assistant, Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Service Building 217
(802) 443-5771

Education for Equity and Inclusion

Renee Wells
Director of Education for Equity and Inclusion
Carr Hall 209
(802) 443-5797

Noreen Pecsok
Coordinator of Educational Outreach & Restorative Practices
Service Building 216
(802) 443-2287

Civil Rights and Title IX

Marti McCaleb
Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator
Service Building 213
(802) 443-2147

Human Relations Officers

Eric López
Sr. Human Relations Officer
Service Building 235
(802) 443-3324

Thaddeus Watulak
Human Relations Officer
Service Building 215
(802) 443-5741

Anderson Freeman Resource Center

Roberto Lint Sagarena
Director of Intercultural Programs
Carr Hall 103
(802) 443-5508

Janae Due
Assistant Director of Anderson Freeman Resource Center
Carr Hall 104
(802) 443-5000

Disability Resource Center

Jodi Litchfield
ADA Coordinator
Service Building 207
(802) 443-5936

Peter Ploegman
ADA Coordinator
Service Building 208
(802) 443-2382

Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Mark Orten
Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, Director of Scott Center
Chaplain’s Office (Scott Center)
(802) 443-5626

Saifa Hussain
Associate Chaplain, Muslim Advisor
Chaplain’s Office (Scott Center)
(802) 443-5983

Danielle Stillman
Associate Chaplain, Rabbi
Chaplain’s Office (Scott Center)
(802) 443-5762

Ellen McKay
Program Coordinator
Chaplain’s Office (Scott Center)
(802) 443-5626