We are no longer using add cards, drop cards, and fifth course cards. Please recycle all of your paper cards.

Adding Courses

To add a course, a student must ask the faculty member for an “Instructor Approval” waiver. The faculty member can add the approval in BannerWeb or you can add the approval in Banner using SFASRPO. Once the approval has been entered, then the student can register for the course.

Instructions for entering “Instructor Approval”

  • Go to Banner
  • Enter SFASRPO
  • Enter student ID #
  • Enter term (e.g. 202220 for Spring 2022)
  • Click on Permit                       
  • Select Instructor Approval (XINSTAPP) and click OK
  • Enter course CRN
  • Click Save

Important Notes

  • Remember to enter approvals for all sections of the course (lecture, lab, discussion, drill, screening)
  • The “Instructor Approval” overrides all restrictions except time conflicts

Time Conflicts

Students are required to obtain permission from both faculty members whose courses over-lap before registering.  Faculty can now enter a time conflict waiver in BannerWeb.  If approved by your faculty member, you can also enter a time conflict waiver for the student in SFASRPO.

Instructions for entering “Waive Time Conflict”

  • Go to Banner
  • Select SFASRPO
  • Enter student ID #
  • Enter term (e.g. 202190 for Fall 2021)
  • Click on Permit
  • Select Waive Time Conflict (TIME) and click OK
  • Enter course CRN
  • Click Save


Faculty should email their approval for a student to audit their course to registrar@middlebury.edu. We will then add the course to the student’s schedule.

Fifth Course

  • Seniors: Must contact the instructor for approval to take the course. Once the Instructor Approval has been entered in Banner, the student can register for the course.
  • Sophomores and Juniors: Requests to take a 5th course are managed by Student Life Deans. Once we receive email confirmation from the dean that the 5th class has been approved, we will add it to the student’s schedule.
  • First Year Students: First year students may not take a 5th course.

Student Requests to Drop a Course

Students can drop courses themselves in Banner 9 until the end of the second week of the semester (or 3rd day of J-term).  After that, students must request email permission from the instructor and their advisor to drop a course. Emails should be sent to registrar@middlebury.edu.

For Spring 2022, the deadline to drop a course is Friday, April 15 at 5:00 p.m.