Welcome to the Scott Center! We are educators, compassionate caregivers, ritual leaders, allies, and advocates. We help create a campus atmosphere that is open to religious faith and practice, and encourages moral reflection and spiritual development.

A Wide Variety of Traditions

With a geographically diverse student body, our campus is home to a rich spectrum of the earth’s religious traditions. We create opportunities for fruitful interfaith dialogue and to foster respect for the religious beliefs and practices of the people who make up the Middlebury community. We offer our support to many different student religious organizations and also connect people to a variety of nearby faith communities.

Exploring the Spiritual

The Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life welcomes and celebrates all of our faiths, traditions and those of no faith in an active, engaged, and uplifting way. Find your support, share your perspective, and broaden our ideas of what our lives here can be.

In Their Own Words

  • “Talking with others about their faith and beliefs is truly an amazing gift because more often than not, I’ve found that regardless of what religion a person is, their traditions and values fall back to ones that are similar to mine in one way or another.” 

    Kathryn Benson 

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  • “A liberal arts education may have provided me with a proverbial map and compass but it is spirituality that ensures my orientation towards the proper target.”

    Chris Opila 

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  • It’s frequently assumed that students engaged with spiritual life, and perhaps particularly those who identify as Christian, are already convinced of the infallible truth they believe. But perhaps one of the most frightening and valuable things that has happened to me at Middlebury was having my faith challenged.”

    Edna Tang

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Care and Support

We also provide pastoral care and counseling to members of the campus community. Sometimes this means reaching out to people who are in crisis, hospitalized, ill, or grieving. More often it means simply having friendly conversations on all kinds of topics with the students who visit us during our virtual office hours. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Chaplain’s Office

The Chaplain’s Office exists as an expression of Middlebury College’s longstanding commitment to the education of the whole person. For over two centuries, Middlebury has strived to be a place where a student’s intellectual, spiritual, and moral character can grow and flourish. This is the meaning of the Middlebury’s motto, Scientia et Virtus, knowledge and virtue.

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