Members of the Scott Center staff are available to provide confidential support to any student, staff or faculty member, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation.

The on-call chaplain is available for urgent matters when our office is closed.  You are welcome to reach out at any time to any of our chaplains to make an appointment during regular business hours.

In order to reach the Chaplain on call, please leave a detailed confidential phone or email message using the schedule and contact information below, including your email and/or phone number, for a timely response.  

Need Help Now?  If your message is urgent and it is after 10:00 pm, please use TalkNow via the Counseling Center’s MiddTelehealth app.  TalkNow provides 24/7 access to mental health support. You can speak with a counselor at any time from anywhere simply by opening MiddTelehealth, selecting TalkNow, and requesting an appointment

In case of an emergency, call 911 or the following emergency resources:

  • Middlebury College Public Safety Emergency Line: 802-443-5911
  • Porter Hospital Emergency Room: 802-388-4736

Current Chaplains On-Call Schedule

Please check the schedule below and reach out to the chaplain on call using the following contact information.

Mark R. Orten, Dean of Spiritual & Religious Life,, (802) 443-5886
Danielle Stillman, Associate Chaplain/Rabbi,, (802) 443-5762
Saifa Hussain, Associate Chaplain/Muslim Advisor,, (802) 443-5983

July 2022

Friday, July 1:  Saifa

Saturday, July 2: Saifa 

Sunday, July 3:  Danielle

Monday, July 4:  Danielle 

Tuesday, July 5:  Danielle

Wednesday, July 6:  Danielle

Thursday, July 7:  Saifa

Friday, July 8: Saifa

Saturday, July 9:  Saifa

Sunday, July 10:  Saifa

Monday, July 11:  Saifa

Tuesday, July 12:  Danielle

Wednesday, July 13:  Danielle

Thursday, July 14:  Danielle

Friday, July 15:  Danielle

Saturday, July 16:  Saifa

Sunday, July 17:  Danielle

Monday, July 18:  Danielle

Tuesday, July 19:  Danielle

Wednesday, July 20:  Saifa

Thursday, July 21:  Saifa

Friday, July 22:  Mark

Saturday, July 23:  Mark

Sunday, July 24: 

Monday, July 25: 

Tuesday, July 26: 

Wednesday, July 27: 

Thursday, July 28:  Mark

Friday, July 29:  Mark

Saturday, July 30: Mark

Sunday, July 31:  Mark






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