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Find out more and connect with other Middlebury community members involved in mindfulness.


This section includes a list of professors and staff who teach classes that include a mindfulness component, study meditation practices academically, are trained in specific practices, or have a practice of their own. The names listed show the large number of faculty who are involved in mindfulness in some way or another. These people may serve as resources for other faculty, staff, and students, but mostly the intention is to connect members across disciplines and positions.


  • James Berg, Associate Professor of English and American Literatures
  • Stacie Cassarino, Visiting Asst. Professor of English and American Literature and FYS
  • Kim Cronise, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Katie Dutcher, CACS Adjunct Professor at MIIS
  • Deb Evans, Associate Professor of American Studies
  • Melissa Hammerle, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Studies
  • John Huddleston, Fletcher Professor Emeritus of the Arts
  • Marc Lapin, Associate Laboratory Professor in Environmental Studies
  • Michelle McCauley, Professor of Psychology
  • Elizabeth Morrison, Associate Professor of Religion
  • Emily Proctor, Professor of Mathematics
  • John Spackman, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • William Waldron, Professor of Religion
  • Lida Winfield, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance
  • Catharine Wright, Director of the Writing and Rhetoric Program, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric and GSFS
  • Lyuba Zarsky, Professor of Sustainable Business and Development at MIIS

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  • Carter Branley, Staff Counselor
  • Sophia Calvi, Director of Programs at FEC
  • Nadine Canter-Barnicle, Community Engagement Specialist and Visiting Scholar
  • Alisyn Gruener, Assistent Dean of Student Life and Engagement at MIIS
  • Saifa Hussain, Associate Chaplain/Muslim Advisor
  • Michelle Kaczynski, Staff Counselor
  • Chuck Mason, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
  • Ellen McKay Jewett, Scott Center Program Coordinator
  • Mark Orten, Director; Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life; Chaplain of the College
  • Erin Quinn, Director of Athletics
  • Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development and Research; Rehnquist Professor of American History and Culture
  • Michael Roy, Dean of the Library
  • Mark Saltveit, Circulation Services Specialist
  • Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Wellbeing Program Coordinator
  • Patricia Szasz, Associate Dean for Language and Professional Programs at MIIS
  • Danielle Stillman, Associate Chaplain, Rabbi
  • Jason Vrooman, Chief Curator and Director of Engagement


This is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to be included, please email either the 2021 Mindfulness Fellow Zoya Kobets ‘23 at or the Scott Center at
Listed with permission of Staff or Faculty member.  

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As many programs shift and reevaluate as the Pandemic continues we will try to make knowledge of upcoming retreats and conferences available to staff and faculty. 


“For contemplative pedagogy to flourish, higher education may need a broader worldview, one which includes the outer and inner realities of human existence and one which values the inner experience of students (and teachers) as well as their academic outputs.” (Keiser and Sakulkoo, 2014)

For more reading to deepen your understanding of mindfulness based pedagogy or contemplative pedagogy referer to our Pedagogy and Higher Ed Development Reading list. 

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