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Spring Term 2022 Registration Dates


 All times are in Eastern Standard Time (Vermont local time)

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 Web Registration:

  • Starts on Dec 3, Friday at 7:00 a.m.: Students with 31-36+ credits
  • Starts on Dec 3, Friday at 7:30 a.m.: Students with 26-30.99 credits
  • Starts on Dec 6, Monday at 7:00 a.m.: Students with 20-25.99 credits
  • Starts on Dec 6, Monday at 7:30 a.m.: Students with 16-19.99 credits
  • Starts on Dec 7, Tuesday at 7:00 a.m.: Students with 11-15.99 credits
  • Starts on Dec 7, Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.: Students with 7-10.99 credits
  •  Starts on Dec 8, Wednesday at 7:00 a.m.: Students who were in Group 2 for fall 2021 registration (3-6.99 credits)
  • Starts on Dec 8, Wednesday at 7:30 am:   Students who were in Group 1 for fall 2021 registration (3-6.99 credits)

Credits are based on courses registered & completed through Winter Term 2022.

Pre college testing credit, such as AP or IB, are not included in the calculation for credit based registration groups.

How do I register?

Use Banner 9 to register for your classes online. You can find instuctional videos on this page with steps and helpful hints.

Banner 8 (the old system) is no longer available for registration.

How do I add a 5th course?

A 5th course may only be added during Add/Drop.


  • Contact the instructor for approval to take the course. Once the Instructor Approval has been entered in Banner, log into Banner and register for the course.
    • NOTE: you can see approvals that have been entered for you on the ‘Prepare for Registration’ app in Banner 9.

 Sophomores – Juniors:

  • Requests to take a 5th course are managed by your Student Life Dean
  • See 'How do I Request to Add a Fifth Class?'
  • Once you receive email confirmation from your dean that your 5th class has been approved, the Office of the Registrar will add it to your schedule.

 First Year Students:  First year students may not take a fifth course.

What if I want to audit a class?

Auditors do not earn credit for the course.  If you are interested in audting, ask the instructor of the course you wish to audit to send an email approval to our office and we will register you as an auditor in the course once the Add/Drop period has opened. Please inlcude student name, student ID number, course subject and number, and CRN.

The course I want to add says it has a time conflict - now what?

Students cannot add two courses to their schedule that begin or end at the same time during web registration.
Once Add/Drop begins, sudents are required to obtain permission from both faculty members whose courses over-lap before registering.  If approved, the faculty of the course to be added can enter a "Waive Time Conflict" override for the student in Banner.
Once the student obtains all approvals and the time conflict waiver, they can register for the course in their Banner.

How do I find classes that have open seats?
  1. From the Banner 9 home page, select the "Browse Classes" link.
  2. Choose the appropriate term from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click "Continue"
  4. Click "Advanced Search"
  5. At the very bottom check “Open Sections Only”, then click “Search”.
  6. You can also search by subject, or just click the "Search" button to see all courses.
  7. View the status column.  Red text indicates course is full.  If seats are available, the number of open seats are provided in the “Status” column.
Banner won't let me register for a course...

1)Do you have a time ticket for Spring registration? Check the Prepare for Registration app in Banner 9 to see all course approvals by term.

2) Is there a required discussion or lab?  You have to register for all parts of a course together.

3) Do you have a time conflict?  You cannot register for two courses that meet at the same time (even if one ends and the other begins at the same time).

4) Are you trying to register for 2 500s or 2 700s (or a combo of each)?  Send an email to and we will register you in the second 0500/0700 course.

5) Have you taken the course or its equivalent before?  Email

Still stuck?  Email

Office of the Registrar

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Middlebury, VT 05753
Phone: 802.443.5770
FAX: 802.443.2030