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Ergonomics at Middlebury

Ergonomics can be viewed simply as fitting a job to a person. 
People in many different jobs can be exposed to risk factors in the workplace, which can increase the possibility of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  MSDs affect the muscles, nerves and tendons.  Risk factors include performing the same or similar tasks repetitively, working in awkward body postures, and doing a task that puts excessive pressure on muscles and joints. 
The goal of our ergonomics program is to reduce the opportunity for MSDs, help lessen muscle fatigue and increase productivity.  Risk factors can be controlled by adjusting a workstation, varying work positions, reducing continuous or repetitious actions, and periodically stretching throughout the day.
Use the following tips to set up your computer workstation properly:
If you use a laptop regularly, there are precautions you should take: