At Middlebury, our residential community connects students. The Residential Life staff work hard to advise, assist, and support students to take full advantage of a truly unique living environment.

If you are an energetic, upbeat, and caring individual interested in a great leadership opportunity, you should apply to be on the Residential Life staff. A position in ResLife is one of great responsibility and also great fulfillment. It requires hard work but is very rewarding and will help to develop and hone skills that will serve you throughout your life. It is one of the most influential positions you can have on campus. 

ResLife staff members are selected for their ability to facilitate a sense of community within the residence halls, resolve group or individual conflicts that might arise, know and enforce the policies of the College, and serve as an information resource within the residence halls.

You may apply for any position using this single application. Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received.

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Student Staff Positions

Head Resident Assistant

Head Resident Assistant (HRA) positions at Middlebury College give experienced ResLife staff members an opportunity to further develop personal and professional skills to grow as prominent student leaders in the residence halls and the campus community. HRAs serve as mentors and indirect supervisors to the ResLife staff. HRAs are expected to forge personal connections with the staff and residents in their area, be in close contact with their supervisor, and have a comprehensive understanding of resources on campus.

Full HRA Position Description

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) at Middlebury College serve as mentors and community leaders for first-year and sophomore students, cultivating a culture of personal responsibility and community engagement among their peers. Specifically, they are expected to foster community and personal development of their students, and they serve as the bridge that connects these students to other support services on campus. RAs are expected to create personal connections with their residents and communicate with supervisors about student and community concerns.

Full RA Position Description

Resident Assistant for Febs

Resident Assistants for Febs (Feb RAs) at Middlebury College serve as mentors to newly arrived February first-year students who have been assigned to their residential areas. Specifically, they are expected to foster the intellectual and personal development of first-year Feb students and serve as the bridge that connects these first-year Feb students to other support services on campus. As new Febs may be spread out in different residential areas, a proactive approach to working within a residential community is of foremost and critical importance.

Full Feb RA Position Description

Community Assistant

Community assistants (CAs) at Middlebury College serve as community leaders in junior/senior halls and houses, cultivating a culture of personal responsibility and community engagement among their peers. CAs must have a concrete understanding of the network of available resources on campus and a willingness to channel students to those resources.

Full CA Position Description

Fall 2024 Training Dates and Info

All ResLife staff return to campus in late August to begin training. Training for all ResLife staff continues through the next two weeks overlapping new student orientation. All training programs during this period are required.

Move-in and training start dates (tentative):

  • August 19, 2024: HRAs move in (after 4 PM)
  • August 22, 2024: RAs, FebRAs, and CAs move in (between 9 AM - 4 PM) 

Please ensure that your travel arrangements for the fall are made with these dates in mind. A big part of training is building a cohesive team, which means everyone needs to be there!