Students have the option to go through the room selection process individually or as part of a roommate group.

Creating a Roommate Group

Students are able to create groups of up to eight (8) people to live with or near, or be your own group of one. Forming a roommate group gives you the option of selecting individual spaces near your group, or from a variety of small houses, suites, doubles, and singles up to eight beds.

Students are not eligible to join a roommate group until they have completed a housing application. This means that if you, or someone you are trying to match with has not filled out their housing application, you will not be able to see them or request to be their roommate, and vice versa. You will only be able to select students who are participating in the same room selection process as you (for example sophomores may only select other sophomores and juniors and seniors may only select other juniors and seniors). Students who are not eligible will not show up when you try to search for them. 

Once you have completed an application and are ready to create your roommate group, you will go to the “Roommates & Room Selection” tab, and then select “Select Roommates”. 

Roommates & Room Selection Tab
Select Roommates

You will want to ensure that you are searching for the Fall term. If you have completed a housing application, you should see a box at the bottom that says “Search for Roommate”, which you can click on to expand.

Select Correct Term, Search for Roommate

Here you can search for your roommates based on their First and/or Last Name. When you see the student that you want to request, hit “Request Roommate”.

Search and Request Roommates

After you have requested someone as a roommate, they will show up under your “Roommate Requests”, and will be highlighted in yellow. This means that the request is pending a response. You will also see below the request, what needs to be done to have a fully-matched roommate group. 

NOTE: The section that states what needs to be done is relevant to the individual who is logged in, and may look different for different members of the group. To ensure that your roommate group is fully matched, we recommend having EACH group member log in to see what this section says.

Roommate Requested

You should receive an email whenever you receive a roommate request. If you want to see your roommate requests, and respond, look in the “Pending Roommate Requests” tab. Here you can see all of the people who have requested you. If you click on the three dots next to the person’s name you can choose to view their profile, send them an email, match, or delete their request. Not everyone’s profile will be viewable since this is a setting that each student gets to turn on/off. You also do not have to accept a roommate request just because you have received one. If you do not know the person or do not want to join a group with them, delete the request. Deleted requests will notify the requesting roommate.

Roommate Request

Once you have accepted a roommate request, it will move the person into your “Roommate Requests” tab, where you will be able to see the status of your roommate group and whether or not your group is fully matched. If the group is not fully matched, you will be able to see what still needs to be done.

Fully Matched
Fully Matched Group
Unmatched Group
Unmatched Roommate Group

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for your group to be fully matched, each person in the group needs to request AND be requested by each other person in the group. To ensure that your group is fully matched, make sure that every single person in your group can see that they are fully matched with each person in the group under the “Roommate Requests” tab. It is important that you have everyone in the group check and make sure that their “Roommate Requests” tab is telling them “Your roommate group is fully matched.” Groups must be fully matched prior to time slots being assigned. You will not be able to continue requesting roommates after time slots have been assigned, and unmatched groups will not be able to select group spaces. For example, if a group of 8 has only matched 7 people this group will not be eligible for a time slot in the Townhouse process. 

While our new software does not require a group leader, you will still need to appoint one person to take the lead on making assignments for your group, since only one person can submit the group assignment during room selection. Prior to time slots being assigned, this individual should ensure that they are checking in with each member and making sure they have requested each member of the group and been requested by each member of the group.