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Thursday, March 9

Welcome:  Tamar Mayer, Middlebury College

Session I: Writing System in Deep Time

  • Learning to Write in the West
    Stephanie Frampton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • A Spectrum of Literacy: Writing and the ancient Maya
    James Fitzsimmons, Middlebury College

Session II: Shifting Genealogies of Sacred Languages

  • Hebrew Language and Inquisition Censorship: The crisis of post-Tridentine Spanish humanism
    Francisco Javier Perea Siller, University of Córdoba, Spain
  • Neo-Aramaic Enriched Biblical Narratives
    Oz Aloni, Middlebury College
  • There’s an App for That: The democratization of texts and Qur’anic healing in Morocco
    James Riggan, Florida State University



Friday, March 10

SESSION III:  Orality, Literacy, New Media

  • “My Knowledge Is Only from Books”: Textuality, orality, and literacy of women Sanskritists in postcolonial India
    Laurie Patton, Middlebury College
  • Reifu Talismans in Japan: From secret transmission to commonplace symbol
    Laura Miller, University of Missouri—St. Louis
  • Poetry as Equipment for Living: Imagining Navajo on the page and on the Internet 
    Anthony Webster, University of Texas at Austin

SESSION IV:  Technologies of Writing and Imaginations of Community

  • Failed Legacies of Colonial Linguistics: Lessons from Tamil Books in French India and French Guiana
    Sonia Das, New York University
  • From Cultural Periphery to Cultural Capital: Ili and the making of modern Uyghur culture
    Joshua Freeman, Harvard University
  • Sign Language Mediated by Digital Technology as a Link to Build Cultural Identities
    Ana Gediel, Federal University of Viços, Brazil (with Molly Bloom, University of California, Los Angeles)

SESSION V:  Medium, Mode, and the Work of Interpretation

  • Creating Identity through Writing: A Case of ancient Greek vase inscriptions
    Małgorzata Zadka, University of Wroclaw, Poland
  • Indexicals and Interdiscursivities
    Bruce Mannheim, University of Michigan




Saturday, March 11

SESSION VI:  Writing and Mobile Identities

  • How to Write Chatino Right, Right Now
    Hilaria Cruz, University of Kentucky
  • From Indigenous to Catalan (Is It Possible?):  Shifting paradigms of identity in the Spanish postcolonial context
    Gonzalo Fernández Parrilla, University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain
  • Theatre of Rebellion: Danny Yung and political Hong Kong theater
    Wah Guan Lim, Bard College
  • Animal Writing in Tawada Yōko’s The Snow Apprentice
    Doug Slaymaker, University of Kentucky



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