Do you want to start your own practice? Enhance your current practice? 

Below we’ve compiled lists, guides, and resources to support your inquiry into the world of mindfulness. The volume of information out there can get overwhelming—which is why we made it simple. 

Guided Meditations from our Community

Gratitude Meditation

Led by Saifa Hussain 
Adapted from Dr. Kathi Kemper 

The gratitude practice is attributed to Dr. Kathi Kemper at the Ohio State University’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness.

“Late Fragment” by Raymond Carver

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved,
to feel myself beloved on the earth.

Two Wings of Awareness

Led by Carter Branley 
Inspired by teachings from Tara Brach

This meditation is grounded in principles of Buddhist philosophy and inspired by the work of psychologist and mindfulness teacher, Tara Brach.

Web of Connections

Led by Marc Lapin

Inspired and credit to: 
Joanna Macy
Thich Nhat Han
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
The many scientists of all cultures who help us understand these cycles.

This is an informal practice you can do at any time for 10 seconds or for 30 minutes. Simply stopping and noticing the interconnectedness in a mindful way can be part of your practice.

Letting Go at the River-bend

Led by Zoya Kobets
Inspired by Patrizia Collard and the Kachess river

Field of Care Meditation

Led by Danielle Stillman
Adapted from John Makransky

Find more information and resources related to this meditation at The Foundation for Active Compassion website.

Head, Heart & Body

Led by Michelle Kaczynski
Credit to Vanessa Zoltan 

image of a black short haired woman Saifa in a white wrap

Saifa Hussain

Former Associate Chaplain, Muslim Advisor, Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

picture of a blonde haired woman Carter in a grey sweater

Carter Branley

Former LCMHC Staff Counselor, Health Services


image of a man Marc in a "The Land institute" graphic t-shirt

Marc Lapin

Associate Laboratory Professor in Environmental Studies

Tel: (802) 443-3239

Office:Franklin Env Ctr-Hillcrest 216

mindfulness Fellow Zoya sitting in front of the Scott Center atrium doors

Zoya Kobets

Middlebury College Student Class of ‘24
Independent Scholar in Contemplative Studies 

picture of a brown curly haired woman Danielle in a black tshirt

Danielle Stillman

Associate Chaplain, Rabbi

Tel: (802) 443-5762 

Office:Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

picture of brown haired woman Michelle with bangs and glasses

Michelle Kaczynski

Licensed Psychologist - Master
Former Staff Counselor

“Contemplative Looking”

Videos and Verbal guidance from our very own Middlebury College Museum of Art.

“Sounding Sculpture” by Harry Bertoia

“Nocturne: Battersea Reach” by Walter Greaves 

Online Campus Resources

Campus Well archives articles, programs, and recommendations across all areas of wellness. On the Campus Well Website there is a specific section dedicated to Mindfulness

The Health and Wellness Education Office offers many resources for deepening one’s understanding of mindfulness. Check out their applications of mindfulness for stress reduction

App, Podcast, and Book Recommendations 

Free Apps 

Liberate: Black Meditation App 

“Meditation app for us, by us, that is Black-owned,” aimed at supporting a Black community of practitioners but open to all; meditations led by teachers of color


No “premium” or “pro” ads; approachable; includes a meditate, breathe, and sleep section

Insight Timer 

One of the most popular meditation apps; includes a bell, guided meditations, tracker, etc.

Plum Village 

Thich Nhat Hanh’s app is created from a Buddhist perspective; find a bell, dharma talks, and meditations


On Being 

Ten Percent Happier 


Find our list of books for developing your own practice on our research and resources page.

Poster Guides 


Beginner Meditation Guide includes definitions, why should i start, and how to start sections and instructions. The background is a leaf pattern faded with pink and pale green as the accent colors of the poster.
meditation how to sign with sitting person and green leaves
Find this poster in the Davis Library on the second floor in the “Meditation Space.” 
breathing techniques poster with clouds and balloons and a wave, a diagram with breathing in and out is also shown
Find this poster in the Davis Library on the second floor in the “Meditation Space.” 
Tree with branches labeled including all of the different types of contemplative practices titled "The Tree of Contemplative Practices" from CMind

For more information please contact the 2022 Mindfulness Fellow Zoya Kobets ‘24 at, or the Scott Center at