A campus job is part of most undergraduate financial aid offers from Middlebury.

Students will be awarded either Federal Work Study (federally funded) or Middlebury College Job (college funded), based on their eligibility. These programs allow students to work on campus to earn money to help pay for their expenses. Federal Work Study students are also eligible to work off-campus at one of our approved non-profit agencies.  

These funds are not a grant (because you must work to earn it), and not a loan (because you don’t have to repay it). Typically, students work between 8 and 12 hours per week. Student employment funds are not applied to the student’s bill; they are paid biweekly for their hours worked during each two-week pay period.

Important Tip: If you have planned to meet your expenses in other ways, you may choose to decline your Federal Work Study/Middlebury College Job or earn less than the amount offered to you. 

Visit the Student Employment website for more information and to view and apply for jobs.