Many Middlebury students receive financial aid. We encourage you to apply for financial aid if you believe that the cost of attendance exceeds what you and your family can contribute. You should apply for aid for your first and any subsequent years at Middlebury.

When you apply for aid, your application and its supporting documents will be carefully reviewed and your financial aid offer will be tailored to your particular financial profile. Your financial aid is renewable for all four undergraduate years, assuming your eligibility continues. You must reapply each year for financial aid. 

Select your school and program below to determine the financial aid application requirements for students who will be enrolled at Middlebury during 2024–2025. We may request additional items from you once we begin to review your application. We will email any subsequent requests for information directly to you. It’s important to meet our deadlines listed below and to respond promptly to all additional requests for information.

Application Deadlines

Your financial aid application deadline will vary depending on your program. Please follow these deadlines to ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial aid and to receive your financial aid offer in a timely manner. Late applications will be considered only as funding allows.

Program Deadline
Middlebury College Prospective Undergraduate Applicants:   
    Early Decision I  November 15
    Early Decision II January 3
    Regular Decision February 1
    Fall Transfer March 1
    Spring Transfer November 1
Middlebury College Returning Undergraduate Students:   
    Fall/Spring Aid Renewal April 1
    Summer Programs Aid Application Application becomes available in October for most programs. Apply early as funds are limited.
Language Schools Application becomes available November 6. Apply early as funds are limited.
Bread Loaf School of English Application becomes available in October. Apply early as funds are limited.
Museum Studies Application becomes available in October. Apply early as funds are limited.
School of the Environment Application becomes available in October. Apply early as funds are limited.

Applying for Federal Aid Only

The FAFSA is the only form required for degree-seeking students who are applying for federal student aid only and do not wish to be considered for Middlebury need-based grants.