All Language Schools students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Here’s what you need to know, and how to apply. 

As a Language Schools student, you may be eligible to receive fellowships and scholarships, as determined by the Language School, as well as need-based grants and loans that are offered through the Office of Student Financial Services. To be considered for funding, you should apply for aid at the same time you apply for admission.

Approximately 50 percent of Language Schools students received grants for summer 2023, with an average grant award of $7,773. We offer partial need-based grants in our seven- and eight-week programs. A partial grant means you will typically be responsible for a significant portion of the cost to attend. You will also be responsible for travel to and from the program, books, and personal expenses.

If you are thinking of applying later in the admissions cycle and require financial aid to attend, you may wish to check with the Language School’s Assistant Director about the availability of funding.


Please apply as soon as possible for Language Schools financial aid, as funds are limited. Do not wait for an admissions decision before you apply for aid. Follow these steps: 

  1. Submit your Language Schools admissions application.
  2. Beginning November 6, 2023, within a few days after you have submitted your application for admission, you will receive an email with the subject “Middlebury Financial Aid Information” that includes instructions on how to access and complete the Middlebury Summer Schools Financial Aid Application in Net Partner, Middlebury’s Student Financial Aid Portal. Current undergraduate students at the College will complete the Middlebury Undergraduate Summer Financial Aid Request Form.
  3. MA and DML students seeking a federal loan should complete the 2024–2025 FAFSA (see below). MA and DML students seeking only federal loans - and not funding from Middlebury College - are only required to complete the FAFSA to receive federal aid. Seven and eight week applicants should not submit the FAFSA, as federal aid is not available for non-degree programs.
  4. If you are seeking to utilize Veteran Benefits, including Yellow Ribbon, more information can be found on the Language Schools Veterans webpage. Follow the steps outlined in VA Enrollment Certification Requests.

Financial aid awarding will start in January 2024, according to the schedule in the Awarding for Summer 2024 section below, and then continue on a rolling basis throughout the spring until funds are depleted.


To be considered for need-based grants from Middlebury you must:

  • Be admitted to a Language School
  • Complete the Middlebury Summer Schools Financial Aid Application for Language Schools
    • Tip: If you are applying for admission to more than one language school, please submit only one financial aid application and email Student Financial Services at to let us know which language school is your first choice, second choice, etc.

To apply for federal student loans you must: 


There are specific deadlines for Language Schools fellowships and scholarships. Refer to the individual scholarship application instructions for details. The Middlebury Summer Schools Financial Aid Application for Language Schools becomes available in November 2023, after applying for admission to the program. There is no deadline but need-based grant funds are limited and do run out, so students are encouraged to apply early.

International Aid Recipients

If you are a Nonresident Alien for Tax Purposes, you should assume you will be taxed on payments made to you or on your behalf by the College or Institute. Rates are based on your country’s tax treaty, your visa status, and the type of income you receive. Another important element is your signature on tax documents within the FNIS system. Treaty benefits do not apply if you fail to complete and sign the needed informational documents.

Be sure to enter and update your information in the FNIS system if you are a non-resident alien or international student, faculty or visitor. If you have not received an email introducing you to FNIS, please contact the Tax Office. If you fail to enter visa status in FNIS, the Tax Office will assume you are traveling on a waiver. This may result in a higher tax withholding on any payments.

Nonresident Aid, for tax purposes, is a specific category. To learn more, visit the IRS website for information on determining an individual’s tax residency status. 

For questions about why we charge you for taxes, and how we determine the amounts, please contact the Tax Office at

Timeline for Financial Aid Notification

Awarding and notification of need-based grants offered through Student Financial Services begins in January and continues on a rolling basis through the spring until funds are depleted. You will receive an email once your financial aid offer is ready to view on your applicant dashboard. Instructions on how to log on to your applicant dashboard will be included in the email notification.

Students are considered for need-based financial aid once admitted into their School. Then, need-based aid is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date your completed financial aid application was received by the Office of Student Financial Services. Do not wait until you receive an admissions decision to apply for need-based aid from Middlebury or funding may no longer be available.  

Those who complete their applications in the fall will hear earlier that those who apply later in the admissions cycle. It may be 4 to 12 weeks before you receive your financial aid decision, depending on the time of year that you apply.   

Once funding for your School has run out, you will be notified only if you are awarded financial aid due to a cancellation.