Students must have achieved an average of B or better in their major courses, and an overall average of B or better. Students are expected to have completed relevant course work for the academic program to which they are applying. Students must have junior or senior standing when they participate in the program, unless given special permission.

Application Materials

Middlebury College Students

  • Completed application, including essay
  • Tentative course selection
  • Major advisor approval
  • Transcript

Students from Other Institutions

  • Completed application, including essay
  • Tentative course selection
  • Study away advisor approval
  • Official transcript
  • $75 application fee


Final deadlines for complete applications are as follows:

  Fall or Academic Year Spring
Middlebury College Students February 1 February 1
Students from Other Institutions March 15 October 1

We will consider late applications if space is available (space in the dormitory might no longer be guaranteed). Once the deadline has passed, students will not be able to access the application without first calling our office at (802) 443-5745 or emailing Phyllis Stinson.

Study Abroad
Sunderland Language Center, First Floor
356 College Street
Middlebury, VT 05753