The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research hires many Middlebury students to staff our programs.

Working for the CTLR as a peer tutor can help prepare students for various independent and leadership roles on campus and post-Middlebury.

The Peer Tutoring Program has tutors for nearly every subject, including foreign language, mathematics, science, and social sciences courses. Peer tutors work for the following programs. See their individual pages for how to become a tutor. Email with questions.

What Our Peer Tutors Say

Peer tutoring is very rewarding because it makes a difference to the students. When a student suddenly clarifies a concept that they have been struggling with, they become interested and invested in their class in a new way. It is rewarding to be a part of that process.

—Katie Manduca

Tutoring … gave me new perspective on how other people see topics that came to me more naturally… [The experience] enabled me to think about how to explain concepts and how to teach chemistry as a toolbox of techniques to solve diverse problems.

—Jake Wyse

Peer tutoring was a very rewarding experience especially when a student understood a concept that they were having trouble with. Peer tutoring not only helped the students with calculus but also helped me be more familiar not only with how to do calculus but also why it works

—Melanie Dennis

Yes, [tutoring was rewarding] especially for PHYS 155, where many of the students are not interested in math or science and took the course as an elective. They struggled with the math itself but once they understood and could grasp the concepts, it was very gratifying to see them get excited and passionate about the subject.

—Devin MacDonald

I found one-on-one tutoring very enjoyable because I was able to work with an individual student over a whole semester and became invested in her performance myself. The drop-in sessions were rewarding because they tested my knowledge of macroeconomic concepts in great depth; being able to teach a topic requires much better understanding than simply learning.

—Sam Dailey

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