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The National Humanities Alliance (NHA) recently featured their partnership with Middlebury’s Public Humanities Lab (PHL) to document their impact through student and faculty surveys. Read full NHA article.

A Davis Educational Foundation grant funded the creation of the Public Humanities Lab (PHL) initiative directed by Febe Armanios (History) and Marion Wells (English and American Literatures). “The initiative offers courses that integrate humanities skills, content, and expertise into public facing projects, often done in partnership with a Vermont-based community organization.”

The partnership conducted surveys in 15 PHL courses over academic year 2021-22. Student survey results included the following points.

  • 81% agreed that their PHL class made them think about their role in their community in new ways.
  • 96% agreed that their class contributed to their ability to have a conversation about controversial issues with someone whose background or views are different from their own.
  • 96% of non-humanities respondents agreed that their class helped them understand how humanities knowledge and skills can be applied outside the university.

Also, 100% of faculty agreed through the PHL courses they learned new ways to help their students connect the humanities to their communities, social justice, and civic engagement.

Read full NHA article.

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