Events Planning Checklist

Work with your Department Chair or Program Director to:

  • Complete the Lecture/Event Proposal form
  • Confirm availability of funds
  • Check planning calendars of future events for possible dates, to avoid conflicts:

1.       Middlebury's Calendar (which is accessible from Event Management site)

  • Obtain budget number(s)

2.   Verify if lecturer is a Foreign National:  If the lecturer is NOT a U.S. citizen, please contact Kathy Foley-Giorgio, ISSS, to determine if a J-1 visa will be necessary.

3.   Confirm dates with speaker, then inform your Department Chair that dates are confirmed.

4.   Reserve space and facilities:

  • Room/space reservations are typically made through the Event Management office (and a few other offices designated as schedulers for specific event types. See the Event Management website for details about other campus schedulers.)
  • You can reserve a room/location by completing the online Event Reservation Request form.
  • You may submit your event information for the calendar right on the event reservation form or you may choose to submit it later on the Event Calendar Posting Request

5.   Travel and accommodations for your lecturer or performer:

  • Reserve accommodations (budget number needed).
  • Arrange for travel through Accent Travel (388-3125, or 1-800-666-3125) or Milne Travel (388-6600, or 1-800-906-4563) whenever possible (budget number needed).
  • Arrange airport pickup.

6.   On-campus dining for the event itself:

  • Consult the new "Catering & Events Planning Frequently Asked Questions" document for dining and external catering before you begin planning.
  • You must first contact the Event Management office (2885) to set up an appropriate venue for your event and to work out set ups.
  • If the venue is Atwater, contact Darby Crum (5350) to choose a menu (an index code is needed at this time) (Atwater is pre-licensed for alcohol)

If the venue is other then Atwater you will need to select an approved outside caterer from the Event Management office (alcohol events require 21 days notice to obtain a DLC liquor license for your event)

If you experience any difficulty in this process call Mary Reed, Event Catering Coordinator in the Event Management office (5347) for assistance.

  • Individual invitations to appropriate faculty and students. An RSVP is required for dinners. Dining services will need your final count 48 hours before the event. (They allow for 10% variation either way and charge for the actual number served within that range. You should therefore over-invite slightly to get the number you hope to have attend, since there will inevitably be some no-shows).

7.   Preparing the honorarium:

  • Obtain a W-9 form from your department coordinator or from Human Resources and either have the speaker fill it out in advance and return it, in order to receive the honorarium while still on campus, or have the speaker complete the form while on campus and arrange for the honorarium to be mailed later. Non-U.S. citizens who do not have a Social Security number do not need to complete this form; just write "Foreign National; No Social Security Number" on the voucher.
  • Complete a voucher for the honorarium (please be sure to have the Chair initial the voucher), attach the completed W-9, and send to Madeleine Winterfalcon, Old Chapel 105 for signature. You must pick up the check at the Cashier's office unless it is being mailed. Cash cannot be supplied. For foreign speakers leaving the country, you will need to cash the check for them at a local bank.
  • With the honorarium voucher, submit a poster advertising the event and the lecturer's "highlight paragraph" which should include the following information:

1.      Lecturer's name, title, and affiliation

2.      Date and title of lecture

3.      Key points of the lecturer's research

4.      Their latest publications (books or articles)

5.      A statement as to why this lecturer was important to the department's curriculum

6.      The approximate attendance of the event.


8.   Publicity:

  • When preparing posters for the lecture, be sure to give credit to any program enrichment fund(s) supporting the event.
  • Weekly Calendar: If you have not submitted your event listing by seven days prior to your event, it will not appear on the events calendar.
  • Press release, where appropriate, through Public Affairs.
  • Campus posters (from 40-70) distributed to dept. coordinators, posted in major classroom buildings, major student centers (Library, Voter, Proctor, McCullough), and possibly in dorms. [Lyn DeGraff (x5080) in Reprographics can help with design and production of an original poster, but they are quite busy and need at least two week's lead-time.]

9.   Payment for lecturer's travel expenses:

  • Collect ticket stubs (if ticket has not been charged directly to a College account) and supporting documents for other reimbursable expenses where necessary, and calculate mileage at current mileage reimbursement rate for the submission of a pink travel expense voucher. Complete the travel expense voucher for the expenses and send to Madeleine Winterfalcon, Old Chapel 105 for signature, who will then forward the voucher to the Accounting office.

revised 2/10