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Carol Rifelj Faculty Lecture Series 2020-21

Join faculty, staff, and community members at the Carol Rifelj Faculty Lecture Series to hear faculty members discuss their research.


This lecture series is named for the late Carol de Dobay Rifelj, who came to Middlebury in 1972 as an Assistant Professor, serving also at that time as Director of the Château, and of the French House. Carol received tenure in 1979, was promoted to the rank of Full Professor in 1985, and was named Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of French in 1993. She retired from Middlebury in spring 2010 after 38 years on the faculty. An energetic scholar, Carol was the author of several books and numerous articles and essays. She was also active and innovative in electronic publication, producing a significant website, Le Lexique, that won a prize in 1996 from the American Association of Teachers of French and has continued to be an influential resource for French teachers worldwide.

During her time on the faculty, Carol served on all of the College’s major committees, and she held numerous administrative posts, serving as Dean of the French School from 1985 to 1987, as Dean of the Faculty from 1991 to 1993, and as the Dean for Faculty Development and Research from 2004 to 2007. Carol was an unstinting supporter and advocate for the faculty and their professional development. It is thus richly appropriate that this lecture series, which features Middlebury's own faculty, bears her name.

All are welcome to attend.

Lectures will be held via Zoom unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, October 7 | 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Patricia Saldarriaga, Department of Luso-Hispanic Studies, "Decolonizing Global Zombie Cinema"

Wednesday, October 14 | 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Eliza Garrison, Department of History of Art & Architecture, “The Golden Spaces of the Uta Codex”

Wednesday, October 21 | 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Bettina Matthias, Department of German, “Narratives from Rented Rooms: The Literary Fascination with Hotels and their Dwellers in early 20th Century Germany and Austria”

Wednesday, October 28 | 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Ellery Foutch, Program in American Studies, “The Glass Ballot Box and Political Transparency, 1856/2020”

Wednesday, November 18| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Kristin Bright, Department of Anthropology, “Critical Play in The Body Online Lab”

Wednesday, January 27| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Gary Margolis, Executive Director of College Mental Health Services, emeritus
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Wednesday, March 17| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Ajay Verghese, Department of Political Science, “Religion and Political Behavior: The Case of Hinduism”
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Wednesday, March 24| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Stefano Mula, Department of Italian, “Politics, Literature, and Translation: Ignazio Silone's Early Reception”
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Wednesday, April 7| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
David Miranda Hardy, Department of Film and Media Culture “Representing Disabilities in Bala Loca”
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Wednesday, April 14| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Michael Olinick, Department of Mathematics, “The Enigma of Alan Turing’s Death: Suicide, Accident or Political Assassination?”
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Wednesday, April 21|4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Pieter Broucke, Department of History of Art & Architecture, “New Approaches to Ancient Art: the Teaching Collection of Antiquities at the College Museum”
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Wednesday, April 28| 4:30 Virtual Middlebury
Zohar Gazit, Program in Modern Hebrew, “Reconstructing Motherhood Following Perinatal Loss” 
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