Janis Audet

Curriculum Information Specialist

Phone: work802.443.2207
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  • Curriculum Committee
  • Course proposals
  • Winter Term
  • Independent Scholar Program
  • Registration and Banner
  • Faculty Office Assignments

Janis began working at the college in the spring of 1989 as the Language School Assistant for the Chinese and Japanese summer schools. After 6 years, she accepted a newly created position, Coordinator of Academic Office Support, that was designed to support and train the academic department coordinators.

In 2005, Janis transferred to the position she now holds in the academic administration which supports the Dean of Curriculum and the Curriculum Committee in their review of faculty course proposals, course content, and its place within the curriculum; the winter term curriculum; the First Year Seminar Program, and proposals from students designing an independent scholar major. Additionally,  Janis facilitates the process for assigning faculty offices as well as the process for entering information into banner for registration.