Professor at the board in class with students.

Academic administration includes the leaders of Middlebury’s undergraduate academic programs. The units that make up Academic Affairs have distinct missions, but they are united in advancing the broader strategic vision of Middlebury College.

Our Areas of Focus

Our Team

The vice president for Academic Affairs/dean of the faculty (VPAA/DoF) manages Academic Affairs with assistance from the academic administrators, including the dean of curriculum and the dean for faculty development and research. A host of other leaders work directly with the VPAA/DoF to advance the mission of Academic Affairs.

Faculty Governance

Middlebury nurtures a long tradition of shared governance among faculty—often in consultation with administration, staff, and students—to offer an innovative and creative curriculum. The faculty determine the shape of the curriculum and academic requirements for graduation.

Governance and Policies

Faculty Leadership

Faculty leadership works closely with Academic Affairs to further advance the mission of Academic Affairs and the strategic vision of Middlebury College.