Faculty committees are at the heart of faculty governance.

General councils and committees of the faculty

    Current Members
Council on Reviews (COR): Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee advises the president on cases in which a faculty member is under review for promotion with tenure or to full professor. The Promotions Committee also serves as a body of review in termination for cause cases involving faculty members.

L. Besser
W. Pyle
E. Proctor
Council on Reviews (COR): Reappointments Committee

The Reappointments Committee advises the provost in all reappointment reviews.  This committee also conducts ten-year reviews.

S. Carletti
M. Kimble
E. Garrison
Faculty Council

Faculty Council is the executive committee of the faculty. In this capacity it (1) coordinates faculty business; (2) represents the College faculty when working with the administration and/or Board of Trustees on all matters related to the College faculty; (3) acts as the Committee on Committees; and (4) in conjunction with other elected faculty committees, works with the administration and/or Board of Trustees on matters of shared interest related to the College, the Schools, and the Institute.

S. DeSimone
A. Vasiliou
J. Sanchez
A. Anzali
B. Johnson
J. Mittell
D. Yeaton
N. Kimambo


Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) The EAC has two primary functions: to oversee the general direction of the College’s curriculum and to make recommendations on staffing and the allocation of teaching resources.

G. Spatafora, chair (ex-officio)
E. Morrison
N. Poppe
F. Swenton
M. Nevins

Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI)

The Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will serve as a platform for faculty engagement and governance on issues pertaining to diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

D. Miranda Hardy
A. Jacobel
M. Taylor
D. Ayoub
D. Davis
S. Gumuscu
Strategy Committee The Strategy Committee represents the College faculty in long-range strategic planning with the administration and Board of Trustees. R. Lint Sagarena
A. Rao
L. Repka
C. Wiebe
Resources Committee The Resources Committee represents the College faculty in shared-governance discussions with the administration and Board of Trustees regarding Middlebury’s financial sustainability, especially as it relates to the College. In addition to its concern with matters directly related to the faculty, the Committee will also consider other financial matters that affect the integrity of Middlebury’s academic program and, for example, the College’s commitments to supporting students with financial need and ensuring the diversity of the community. N. Graham
T. Byker
B. Baird
M. Seehuus
Appeals Council

The Appeals Council hears petitions from faculty members who wish to contest a promotion review that results in non-reappointment. Appeals are granted only on grounds involving procedural errors that may have influenced the review committee and/or the provost, or violations of academic freedom.

N. Horning
M. Sheridan, Secretary
J. Spackman
P. Saldarriaga
E. Sassin
Physical Education and Athletics Committee on Reappointment    

Elected Positions

Faculty Moderator

The Faculty Moderator presides over Faculty Meetings, participates with Faculty Council and with the administration in planning the agenda for faculty meetings, and encourages faculty to make suggestions for the agenda.

M. Fernandez


Standing Committees

    Current Members
Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is charged with approving new courses; acting upon changes in requirements for programs, majors, and minors; exercising oversight of the distribution requirement and the cultures and civilizations requirement; and administering winter term.

B. Cotts
I. Feldman
R. Mitchell
S. Ramaswamy

Administration Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing petitions from students for exceptions to certain academic policies and from faculty members for grade changes.

T. Billings
K. Davis
E. Eggleston
M. Manrique-Gomez

Athletic Policy Committee The committee has the responsibility to formulate and recommend to the faculty policy concerning intercollegiate athletics for Middlebury College undergraduates.


Pre-Professional Committees

To prepare committee recommendations; to assist students in their applications to medical, dental, engineering, and other professional schools.

P. Broucke
M. Linderman
S. Watson
S. Viner
Education Studies Committee

To work with the director of education studies in an advisory capacity. The committee consists of the director of education studies and two faculty members.

Off-Campus Study To review, appraise, and approve or disapprove all student applications for a leave of absence to study off campus.

C. Velez (chair)
M. Anderson
M. Biancosino
J. Crodelle

Center for Careers and Internships Advisory Committee

To work with the director of the Center for Careers and Internships in an advisory capacity. The committee consists of the director, two faculty members, and students.

R. Gauvin-Coloumbe
M. Higa
Honorary Degrees Committee

Trustee committee that recommends to the president candidates for honorary degrees and Commencement speakers.

L. Stein
K. Sargeant



Committees Appointed by Faculty Council

    Current Members
Academic Integrity Committee  

E. Oxfeld
M. Durst

Admissions Advisory Committee  

S. Liebhaber
A. Mychajliw
A. Rao
Y. Siddiqi

College Street Children’s Center Board   P. Hess
Community Bias Response Team   R. Joo
Community Council  

C. Artunc
G. Gonzalez-Zenteno
L. Povitz

CTLR Advisory Committee  

J. Berazneva
M. Kubacki
M. Lawrence
L. Lesta Garcia

Digital Learning, ITS, and Library Engagement (DIALECT)  

L. Burnham
M. Leftheris
G. Pask
M. Walker

Environmental Council  

J. MacCallum
A. Nurok
W. Poulin-Detour
M. Schrader

Health Professions Committee  

C. Andrews
K. Bright
M. Clinton
J. Howarth
A. Mychajliw
W. Peterson
O. Porteous
F. Rocha
S. Tan
Z. Zhai

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee    
Institutional Biosafety Committee  

B. Cluss (Chair)
G. Pask
Z. Zhai

Institutional Review Board  

S. Abe
J. Brennan (Community Member)
M. Owens
M. Seehuus
A. Verghese

Academic Judicial Board  

L. Besser
A. Fieldhouse
P. Johnson
J. L’Roe
J. Weber

Community Judicial Board  

J. Doran
E. Glikman
M. Rohena-Madrazo
M. Witkin

Laboratory Safety Committee  

J. Byers
M. Durst
A. Jacobel
E. Moody
V. Thomas


A. Losano
J. Miller-Lane

Parliamentarian   M. Olinick

Ad Hoc Committees

    Current Members
Committee on Assessment  

S. Gurland
H. Klein
T. Mayer
P. Ryan
D. Wyatt

FYSE Steering Committee  

N. Dobreva
E. Glikman
M. Leftheris
A. Prakash

Language Schools Faculty Advisory Committee  

N. Ngaiza
O. Sanchez-Saltveit
A. Verghese
J. Wang

Writing Program   S. Shapiro