Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the chief academic officer for the undergraduate college. The VPAA advances the strategy for the undergraduate College in alignment with the overall institutional vision and serves as a member of the Senior Leadership Group, the senior administrative officer to the College Board of Advisors, a member of the Provost’s Academic Council, and as an active partner with Advancement. 

Jeremy Ward

Albert D. Mead Professor of Biology and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Old Chapel 207

Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty works to support faculty members as teachers, scholars, and citizens of the college. Collaborating with faculty leadership, the Dean of the Faculty office helps realize the intellectual goals of the College. The office provides the infrastructure and resources that encourage our faculty and other scholars to pursue their work. In addition, the office ensures the structures of faculty governance by working closely with elected faculty committees and developing policies.

Jim Ralph

Dean of the Faculty; Rehnquist Professor of American History and Culture

Old Chapel 204

Dean of Curriculum

The Dean of the Curriculum (DoC) works to deliver an academic experience that can best prepare students for productive citizenship in a complex world. Specifically, the DoC fosters the strategic goals of the College by acquiring and applying resources that can fully engage faculty and students in a timely, rigorous, and broad-based curriculum. Areas of focus include the  curriculum, educational policy, faculty staffing requests, capital equipment, external reviews, Winter Term and Summer Study.

Grace Spatafora

Dean of Curriculum; Heinz/Given Professor of Biology and Pre-Medical Sciences

Old Chapel 205


Tania Bolduc

Administrative Coordinator of Faculty Affairs

Tania assists with the undergraduate faculty, from hire to retirement, which includes writing contracts, position control, coordinating faculty reviews and elections, processes related to the leave program, and maintaining data of all types for the faculty. She also acts as secretary to the faculty and Education Affairs Committee.

McKinley 203

Diane Burnham

Curriculum Information Specialist

Diane supports the Dean of the Curriculum and the Curriculum Committee, prepares the course catalog, provides support for Banner registration, sets up and runs the Course Response Form system, administers the logistical operations for winter term, and facilitates the academic and faculty office assignment process.

Davis Library 106

Lexie Carlson

Senior Financial Operations Analyst

Lexie manages areas of budget and finance for Academic Affairs, in conjunction with the Budget and Finance Offices.

McKinley 205

Courtney Conrad

Senior Assistant, Academic Affairs

Courtney coordinates all First, Contract, and Ten-Year reappointment reviews and events such as New Faculty Orientation, the Carol Rifelj Faculty Lecture Series, inaugural lectures, award ceremonies, receptions, and more. She also arranges departmental external reviews, organizes faculty meetings, and oversees the use of Interfolio by departmental coordinators and the production of the New Faculty Guidebook.

McKinley 204

Carmen Echeverria

Assistant, Academic Affairs

Carmen works supporting the Academic Affairs team and wears many hats while doing so. She is a great resource to help you find the answers to many of your questions by directing you to the proper resources.

422 South Main Street 204

Erin Kilpeck

Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs

Erin provides administrative support to the Academic Affairs administration, with primary responsibility to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Faculty. She also works with Department Chairs and Coordinators; coordinates faculty recruitment advertising, interviews, online platform, and budget; provides support for the chair and program director appointments, appointment of Faculty Marshals for Convocation/Commencement; committee on committee appointments with Faculty Council, and course credit and course audits process. Additionally, Erin provides administrative support for the meetings of the Trustees, including collecting bullet points, scheduling tapings, and collecting mailing materials.

Old Chapel 208

Jennifer Nuceder

Manager of Academic Office Support

Jen manages the academic department coordinators as a group and individually including hiring and onboarding and providing ongoing training and guidance. She sets the guiding principles and direction of the group and leads the group in achieving them by supporting the coordinators’ day to day work and overall functioning of the college’s academic operations.

McKinley House Room 202

Kathleen Parent

Budget Analyst

Kathleen, in collaboration with the Dean of Faculty, provides administrative and financial oversight to all faculty development programs, funds, and opportunities to include FPDF, FRAF, UCRF, and Subvention. Kathleen, in collaboration with the Dean of Curriculum, also assists in developing the annual capital equipment request and provides financial oversight and coordination of Academic Enrichment Funds.

McKinley 203A