How and why was this system implemented

Our goal in implementing an e-portfolio system was to reduce the time spent collating, collecting, and sharing faculty work, making reporting for reviews and the annual salary process easier. Vice President Andi Lloyd approached Faculty Council about the idea in late 2014. The Council was amenable to looking into various options, so a committee of staff and faculty investigated various possibilities and made a recommendation on an e-portfolio system for the faculty of Middlebury and Monterey. The original investigative committee members included, Mike Roy, Dean of the Library, Donna McDurfee, Administrative Coordinator of Faculty Affairs, Brett Millier, Professor of English and American Literatures, Ray Coish, Professor of Geology (now emeritus), Jason Mittell, Professor of Film and Media Culture and director of the DLA, Jim Ralph, Dean for Faculty Research and Development, Adela Langrock, Director of Assessment, Kent Glenzer, Dean of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management, Renee Jourdenais, Dean of the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education.

Implementation began in late summer 2016. The implementation team included Mike Roy and Donna McDurfee (co-chairs), Jim Ralph, Jason Mittell, Brett Millier, Kent Glenzer, Renee Jourdenais, Jean Turner, MIIS faculty, Wei Liang, MIIS faculty, and Cathy Vincent, Manager, Faculty Administration in HR.

The system was used by two departments for the annual faculty salary process in January 2017, and two faculty reviews were conducted in spring semester 2017. This semester, five first reviews and one tenure review are being conducted in the system. We are making the system's use optional at this point. If you are under review, you may use the system or submit your materials via flash drive. 

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